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Sweet Spy – Review…err…Rant

TL:DR = Don’t watch. There is no conclusion. I want my 20 hours back.

actually, maybe I don’t need to say more then that. This is how bad the ending was – I had to verify it was the last episode. It is like they forgot it was the last episode until after they had finished recording.

Oh well, I’ll try to write a proper review. This is a rant, so I apologize in advance for any errors.

I’m trying to avoid writing spoilers, but I’m not sure why because unless you like things so open-ended that they are the Holland Tunnel, you shouldn’t watch it.

Good parts:
Interesting premise – a police woman falls for rich guy’s “I’m a spy” line & resulting hijinks
Unusual lead – he doesn’t speak Korean – pretty much ever. I’ve never heard of a TV show where the main character doesn’t speak the language. He understands it fluently tho.
Acrobatic Ahjussi Minion – he does all these karate kicks & flips all the time. He doesn’t walk across a room – he somersaults.
Kinda funny side characters – one detective is always talking about needing a hweshik (supposed to be spelled hoesik – but I like my phonetic spelling). You’ve seen hweshik’s on dramas many times – those work dinners where everyone gets sloshed. Spoiler – he never gets one. He should have.
Culture insights – I saw a lot of little things I didn’t notice before.

Bad Parts – Ending – or lack there of. Nuff said.
Female lead – She’s too stupid to ask “which side” when he says “I’m a spy” & helps him anyway. (Side note – I still am not exactly sure, but I don’t care anymore.)  Remember: he doesn’t speak Korean – why would she assume he is helping the Korean government.
Male lead – Horrible actor. I think they picked him because he speaks English without a Korean accent and likes to take his shirt off. Seriously, he always gotta take a shower (or he gets stabbed or needs a bubble bath or something). The words that he says are really bad (not K2H calling a laxative an enema bad, tho), but so is the overdramatic school play way he says them. Sometimes he is Ok. (emotionally quiet scenes).
Romance – it jumps all over the place. Spoiler. At one point, they have a very involved kiss and she stops him before it gets too far. (and the ep ends on his “I’m going to kill you ” face), but a couple eps later. They are talking; it switches scenes to a spy meeting in DC and then it switches back to find them in bed – nakey. She’s asleep. I thought I had missed a scene that would explain how that happened.
Bad guys – Most of the time, I had no idea who are the bad guys. and I’m still not quite sure he isn’t one.  Part of it probably has to do with usually CIA = good guys, so it took me awhile to realize that the CIA wasn’t working with the Korean gov.
Inconsistent storyline – or maybe they are just lies upon lies. don’t know.

Kdramas cliches used: Sudden Illness for no apparent reason (he shows up  stabbed – many eps later we find out who/why); Birth secret (lots); orphan; drinking to pass out; stupid female lead; “ugly” female lead male who isn’t; Han River; sit in my car to talk w/ guards outside (need a name for that one); evil mom (step mother); evil dad; evil uncle, being able to understand Korean fluently, but don’t speak a word (need a name), money envelope. There are lots of others, but I’m tired.

Oh and let’s not forget roommates and contract relationship.