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Kdramas I’ve Seen

I started watching kdramas in the summer of 2011 – a little later I started a list on my iPad – which I stopped in favor of this & a notebook. (I’m 1/2 old school & 1/2 high tech.)  If you want more details on my descent into Kdramas, you’ll find it here.

I’m also going to give short review/no spoilers

Frowny face means it is a downer.

Finished/In Progress

  1. Twinkle twinkle / sparkling – not finished 😦 (highly addictive so I chose not to continue watching). It is on this list because it was my first/gateway drug
  2. My Princess – after 1st watch I thought it was good. I rewatched and I HATE the completely illogical ending. I recommend stopping watching after the track scene in Ep 16.
  3. You’re Beautiful – my favorite – watch it. I’ve watched a billion times. You can pretty much guarantee that I’m always rewatching it.
  4. Heartstrings/You’ve fallen for me – good. unnecessary time jump. Rewatched with different subs
  5. Marry me Mary/ Mary stayed out all night – cute but pointless (my 1st taste of kdrama crazy mother in law). Started to rewatch, but I get bored & not even JKS can help. So I’ll take a break. I enjoyed it 1st time around tho.
  6. My girlfriend is a gumiho/9 tailed fox – good (love Lee Seung Gi). rewatched. (Side note: I was MiHo for Halloween 2012)
  7. My Name is Kim Samsoon – good. Watched Twice.
  8. Best Love/Greatest Love – a Favorite. watched three times
  9. Stars Falling from the Sky – cute kids. I love Pa-Rang & his Goblin’s underwear song. Watched twice.
  10. Spy Myung Wol – beginning was good and then it went wacko. my yard stick of bad kdrama. Also my first kdrama crack – it was awful, but I had to know what happened
  11. My Girl – my fav. grandad. rewatching
  12. 49 days – Good. kinda 😦 (inherent in the subject matter) Il Woo will always be the Scheduler to me. watched twice.
  13. Goong – cute pretty clothes. Watched twice.
  14. Lie to Me – cute. The entire premise is problematic. Watched Twice
  15. Protect the Boss – cute. The dad on kid violence was surprising. watched twice
  16. SungKyunKwan scandal. Watched twice now I know why I couldn’t  remember my original verdict. Ok.
  17. Who are You? – love Kang Nam Gil. total weeper
  18. Romance Town – ok
  19. Vampire Prosecutor – good. Love him. But why do Korean vampires eyes turn blue?
  20. City Hunter. Good. Rewatched. Pink pants – wow.
  21. Creating Destiny – good. rewatching. One of the longest I’ve seen, but the eps move fast (at least at the beg)
  22. 1% of Anything – really good. My favorite granddad. (watched twice)
  23. Personal Taste – OK
  24. Once upon a Time in Saengchori – will never look at Kang Nam Gil the same way
  25. When it’s at Night – good
  26. Pasta – Favorite. really cute – love the OTP. watched twice – 3 times. when I rewatched it the 3rd time, I realized it was a perfect kdrama gateway drug. (well except for 1 or 2 plot lines that make no sense)
  27. Flower Boy Ramen Shop – last ep is gold. rewatching.
  28. Me Too Flower – good, last 2 episodes were weak. Rewatching w/ different subs.
  29. Vampire Idol – good, funny. Until MBN killed it on a cliffhanger. (I watched 79 episodes unsubbed w/ absolutely no closure. The last week added a whole bunch of loose ends.) If you watch, stop at 75 – maybe as far as the beg. of 76. Rewatching with subs as they become available. Youtube playlist is here and the subber’s FB page is here (she no longer posts to YT). Only soft subs now unfortunately. I’m rewatching as the subs become available.
  30. Dream High – good, love the flashmob. rewatching.
  31. Playful Kiss – kinda cute (she’s annoying). watch the YouTube extras, best part of the whole thing
  32. That Fool/Accidental Couple – cute
  33. Secret Garden – funny. A good kdrama gateway drug for people who like action. Watched twice
  34. Wild Romance – watched twice. still too much stalker not enough robot/battery, but good..ish. I love the OTP & robot/battery but I hate the stalker plot line & Jessica (Ok her character)
  35. Coffee Prince – ok
  36. Bad Family – cute
  37. Hello Miss – cute pretty clothes
  38. Last Scandal – cute
  39. Biscuit Teacher Star Candy – cute. Big caveat. The dad (a dr) beats his teenage son so badly he is hospitalized. This is after he has him committed for basically being disobedient.
  40. Couple or Trouble/Fantasy Couple – OK better then I expected. Recommended as a 1st kdrama to my mom who likes the movie Overboard.
    (She didn’t watch – but she watched some of YAB with unnie, niece & me. Unnie & niece are converts – Mom isn’t)
  41. King2Hearts – Heart stomping – not a rom-com. I hated 2 things in the last 2 eps, but I did like it even tho it kept ripping my heart out and stomping on it. really bad “English” speaking actors. 😦
  42. Rooftop Prince – a favorite. The end is kinda a head scratcher – but I really like it other then that.
  43. He Who Can’t Marry – a kinda cute violation of medical ethics. I don’t know what the women see in him.
  44. Becoming a Billionaire. pretty good. not as addictive as some (takes a while to start) (started/finished 6 other shows before finishing). not sure how I feel about ending – def. an interesting twist on redeeming the unredeemable. I did love the fight scenes – where the women realized – wait a second, I can fight with my man.
  45. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. Good, not as great (or as funny) as other Hong Sister’s shows, but good. a couple really good eps, 15 was my fav. The evil uncle from Rooftop Prince is a loving caring father/father-in-law (who has a sword). He was my fav character.
  46. Kid Gang. Gross, off-color but funny in a childish way. Dramafever wasn’t kidding when they said parental guidance. Tiny glimpse of Korean culture in last ep behind all the poop/sex jokes. I don’t recommend off-color stuff.
  47. Hong Gil Dong – I knew the end was 😦 so I held off watching for months.
  48. Big. He was funny, but overall a disappointment. Won’t rewatch, even if it is Hong Sisters.
  49. Queen In-Hyun’s Man really good, the ending wasn’t realistic, but who cares? If I wanted realistic, I wouldn’t be watching Kdramas. (also, the real life kdrama added to it). Watched Twice -I’m sure I’ll watch more.
  50. Can Love Become Money – Good. Started slow, but I became addicted. I love him, but the ending was too pat. (I think the title should be switched to “can Money become love”)
  51. White Christmas. Thriller. Good. I knew who did it, but wrong reasons. and the final ep 8 still confuses me. watched twice and it still had me at the edge of my seat.
  52. Faith. I like the king/queen best (won’t watch Great Seer cause I want to remember this version of the couple), but Eunsoo is great & seeing Choi Young mellow also great. If Lee Min Ho looked all the time looked like he did at the end, I’d never stop watching.
  53. Arang and the Magistrate. Good, sucks you in. I didn’t care for ending but lots loved it.
  54. Panda and HedgeHog. SuperCute. Love it. She is annoying at 1st, but grows on you. Watched twice.
  55. To the Beautiful You. OK. Soccer boy makes Jeremy seem observant. She is a lot less stalkery then you think; but she really is dense.
  56. Vampire Prosecutor 2. 1st episode was superdark. Ends on a cliffhanger.
  57. Gentlemen’s Dignity. Better then I thought. I like the OTP.
  58. Answer Me 1997. Cute. The accents gave me trouble, and I never was a “fangirl” (for anything/one) as a teen so didn’t relate like some do.
  59. Full House Take 2. Hated 1st ep, but then became addicted – I think the 1/2 hr shows work really well w/ this.
  60. King of Dramas – Didn’t know how he would be redeemable, but they did it.
  61. I Do I Do – I liked it much better than I had expected too given the subject matter. It is slow tho.
  62. Damo. In Progress. I haven’t a clue what is going to happen, so I may not finish if it turns into a melo. I think it will so I’m delaying.
  63. Flower Boy Next Door. Cute. I love PSH – her character spoke to me (there but for the grace of God go I).
  64. Haeundae Lovers. Better than I thought.
  65. Ma Boy. kinda cute, but glad it was only 3 eps.
  66. Alien Sam. In Progress – kinda. can’t find any more eps.
  67. Gu Family Book. cute. I even bought a red agate bracelet like KangChi’s. I love Suzy’s character. I really wanted a 1 big happy family ending; didn’t get what I wanted. I think they want to do a Season 2.
  68. I Love Lee Taly. Good. Better than Big. The 2nd lead was a waste of space.
  69. Oh My Lady. Cute. I think this is this 1st one of Siwon’s that I really liked his character.
  70. MonstarLove it. This is kinda like Panda & Hedgehog where I wasn’t expecting to like it this much. I’ve been buying the OSTs and wishing they had more of the songs instead of basically one per ep. This is like Glee would be if Glee wasn’t full of its own self-importance or if it wasn’t trashy. As someone who was bullied most of my childhood, it touched a special chord. I wished it had been around when I was a kid. Rewatching with different subs.
  71. Cyrano Dating Agency. It’s Ok.  My original opinion from 1st ep: “Master has to be evil because he named himself “Master” – tell me one person who did that in pop culture who isn’t evil.”
  72. Sweet 18. Kinda cute – the ending was lame & she’s annoying.
  73. Sweet Spy. it just stops – no real ending. waste of 20 hrs.
  74. Cheongdamdong Alice. Ok. some parts were just stupid.
  75. Master’s Sun. Love it. I forgive the Hong Sisters for the disappointment that was Big. I want the DVDs (I found them on eBay – didn’t realize they were bootlegs – oops).
  76. Heirs – Meh. Boys over Flowers without the psycho-ness.
  77. Answer Me 1994/Reply 1994 – Cute, but not nearly as good as 1997.
  78. Prime Minister & I – I liked it more and more with each ep., but the ending was too low-key for me.
  79. You from Another Star. Cute and funny. But I didn’t get the fairy-tale ending I had hoped. It wasn’t bad, but I want kdramas with completely happy endings
  80. Bride of the Century – OK.  Perv Jeremy. Would be so much better w/o the supernatural aspect. Lee HongKi has really really grown as an actor, but Jeremy is still my fav.
  81. Potato Star – AAHHH.  118 eps of cute and then BAM!!! I loved it until they screwed up the ending in a major way.
  82. You’re All Surrounded. cute. Excellent Cast.
  83. Trot Lovers. cute. He doesn’t deserve her and does deserve a kick in the pants. He gets better.
  84. Fated to Love You. really cute. I didn’t expect to like it cause of the premise, but  cute & funny. Hamo Hamo couple should’ve been punished tho.
  85. It’s Ok that’s Love. good. I was worried from the synopsis that it was going to pull  a”Man who can’t get married” & have a doctor date her patient.
  86. Marriage Not Dating. Ok. Love the grandma
  87. All about my Romance. Much cuter then I was expecting of a political drama.
  88. Tomorrow’s Cantabile. Cute. I really liked her.
  89. Modern Farmer. In progress, I can’t really get into it. Even for Lee HongKi
  90. Kill me Heal me. He’s an amazing actor. She yelled a lot at the beginning. A fav.
  91. Healer. AWESOME. A fav.
  92. Heart to Heart. OK. Cute but I really don’t like doctor patient romances.
  93. Hyde, Jekyll & me. so many plot holes. so little logic. he’s a good actor tho.
  94. Sensory Couple/Girl who sees smells. In Progress. Cute.
  95. Pinocchio. I really liked it. I thought I’d be squicked because he’s her adoptive uncle, but I wasn’t at all. She did a really good job.
  96. Girl who Sees Smells. cute OTP but the cops were way way too incompetent. Also, major major leaps in logic.  The villain could have been so much better developed.
  97. Producers. Ok. Cute.
  98. Jumping Girl. MiniDrama. It was a nice way to get me back into watching Kdramas.
  99. She was Pretty. Cute. Siwon’s character is cute. She was prettier with the curly hair.
  100. Eccentric Daughter in Law. Ok. But the 1 mother-in-law is totally insane and the men are wimps.
  101. Oh my Venus. super cute, but I didn’t care for the ending that much. Warning: don’t even attempt to watch on Dramafever – the subs were “making stuff up” & “writing their own drama” in the beginning. He’s always awesome (I want a CoachNim of my own)
  102. Cheese in the Trap. In progress – but I probably won’t finish. super addicting. I’m also addicted to the webtoon. I’m on a hiatus because I don’t believe it was right for DramaFlu to put it behind a paywall 1/2 way thru the series. In hindsight, their unprofessionalism may have saved me some drama-related frustration.
  103. Dr. Frost. Liked it more then I expected to but nothing like the webtoon. (which I’m also reading)
  104. Madame Antoine. Ok. (Mid show note: I can’t wait till he gets his comeuppance. and I keep waiting for him to turn serial killer):D
  105. Splish Splash Love. Cute. well worth the 2 eps.
  106. Descendants of the Sun. illogically cute. The cast was great & the romances were cute. But the script was illogical – people who actually have medical/military experience were probably kicking the screen. Deus Ex Machina via PPL would be a better name for Descendants of the Sun
  107. Oh Hae Young Again/Another OHY. In Progress. Cute.
    these are out of order (cause I forgot when I watched them)
  108. strong woman do bong soon. ok. 
  109. weight lifting fairy kim book joo.ok.
  110.  legend of the blue sea. super cute
  111. lucky romance OK
  112. I’m not a robot. in progress.  maybe.(1/18)

Variety Shows

Only In progress shows that I watch regularly are in Red.

  1. Running Man Variety Show. In Progress. Love Love Love it. I’ve seen every episode. Some several times. I’m weeks behind because I stopped watching when Kocoloco put it behind a paywall. Unfortunately, the new subs aren’t viki quality even if they are available sooner.
  2. Treasure Island –  Documentary with FT Island. saw a couple eps
  3. MBC Festival – Music Show. saw a couple eps
  4. Family Outing. watching some eps.
  5. X-man. watching some eps.
  6. Hwashin/Incarnation. watching some eps.
  7. Barefoot Friends. Didn’t really care for it. May watch some more of the changed concept eps.
  8. We got Married-Global. Variety/”Reality”. I liked it a lot more than I thought, considering I hate reality shows. This is better then US reality shows cause at least everyone knows it is fake. They don’t get really married so there isn’t a scandal when they divorce 2 days after the wedding.
  9. Happy Together 3. watching some eps. (mainly those with Running Men on them)
  10. Inkigayo. Music show. (is that how you spell it?)
  11. Infinite Challenge – Not really sure what is going on, but watched a few eps that catch my eye.
  12. Grandpas Over Flowers. Love the DramaBeans recaps, but I find the shows harder to follow because the subs are partial (DramaFever doesn’t sub everything).
  13. Gag Concert – Love some skits hate others. Boom Entertainment, King of Ratings & Dagun Dagun are my favs (all cancelled now 😦 ).
  14. Escape Crisis No. 1/Safety First. can be informative. not sure where the flour came in. I’ve learned some stuff from it. It’s too bad the US doesn’t have something similar.
  15. Human Condition. I just watch the experiences that interest me.
  16. Pit-a-pat Korean. I watched a few.

PS: Not Kdrama (other country or Korean Movie or non-Drama TV show)

  1. Ikeman desu ne – Japanese you’re beautiful
  2. Baby & me – movie (JKS) Don’t remember much of it except the parents running away from home.
  3. You’re my pet – movie (JKS) (cute pointless dance sequence – Mandy = My Lady)
  4. Hana Yori Dango (Japanese BOF). Just as bad as BOF. Only saw 1/2 (stopped before beauty contest)
  5. Myoshiman – Japanese – very weird. (guy sees bacteria – I’m not sure if I finished it or not)
  6. My Little Bride – Movie – kinda cute but the whole subject matter is creepy. A young teen has an arranged marriage with an adult (I’m guessing 30s) friend of the family.
  7. Hayate the Combat Butler – Taiwan – Ok. the dubbing was annoying. And it had major gaps in logic.
  8. Kimi wa Petto (You’re my Pet) – Japanese – slightly weird ending. But better as a drama then a movie. I liked the movie dance sequence better tho.
  9. Noriko goes to Seoul. In progress, but on hold. Only watching because of Hong Ki. Haven’t watched for ages. may not finish. I can’t even remember the language it was in (Japanese or Korean)
  10. Romance Island. Kmovie. OK
  11. My girlfriend is an agent. Kmovie. Cute. Mr/Mrs Smith if Mr. Smith was a moron.
  12. 200 lb Beauty. KMovie. The premise itself was hard to stomach. Esp. the throw-away line at the end.
  13. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Japanese. Better than Playful Kiss.
  14. Fabulous Boys. Taiwanese You’re Beautiful. Thanks to twitter chingu’s I found it subbed.
    It is now on Viki. Yippee.
    Almost a clone of the original, but some of the changes I like better then the original. (Although, I can’t imagine MiNyu/MiNam licking TaeKyung’s phone) Watched Twice. Recommend!
  15. PS Man. Taiwanese. Good, cute.
  16. A Werewolf Boy. KMovie. Almost Ok, but she’s an unfeeling witch. Won’t watch again.
  17. Switch Girl. In Progress. Japanese. Crude. I’ll probably not finish it. 
  18. Shan Shan Comes to Eat/Boss and Me. Chinese. really really cute. totally addictive. cracktastic. I want there to be a kdrama version. (and a japanese version and a ….) 🙂 Personally, I have a problem with basically a chaebol in China. I know that in order to be that wealthy they had to be not nice during the Cultural Revolution & I think it must be hard on people watching since it goes against Communist teachings. The phrase that continually came to mind: “some are more equal then others.” Watched twice.
  19. Taiwanese My girl. I tried to watch but the subs disappeared
  20. Taiwanese Fated to Love You. Great – I think I like it better then the Korean version (which I saw first) because the silliness was less overt. (His laugh always bugged me)
  21. Miss Granny. kmovie. Cute. even Korean comedy  movies have to try to make you cry sad tears. It would make a cute drama.
  22. Romantic Princess. Taiwanese. cute but no logic and the last couple eps required me to remove brain cells to finish. (and also feminine pride. I had  a rant but I deleted it cause of spoilers). Also forgettable, I had to look it up to remember it and it hasn’t been that long.
  23. Bromance. Taiwanese. Turn your brain off and it’s cute, else it’s frustrating. The best part was the behind the scenes silliness of the Honeymoon kiss scene.

Didn’t Finish/Like

  1. Full house – got bored didn’t finish (couldn’t stand the “friends” and the premise was too far-fetched.)
  2. Prosecutor princess – got bored didn’t finish
  3. Goong S – got bored didn’t finish
  4. Take Care of the Young Lady – watched 1 maybe 2 eps, but the main character annoyed me too much to continue
  5. Baby-faced beauty- got bored didn’t finish
  6. How to meet a perfect neighbor – got bored didn’t finish (started reading the recaps tho)
  7. Prince’s 1st love – got bored didn’t finish read srts instead
  8. Birdie buddy – didn’t finish (just lost interest – sports ugh)
  9. Boys before flowers – unfinished but I’ve read the recaps of the last couple eps (I can’t stand F4, any of them.) (This may be is the Kdrama I dislike the most). The Twilight of Kdramas.
  10. Take care of us captain – got bored didn’t finish
  11. Star’s lover – got bored didn’t finish
  12. 9 ends 2 outs – got bored. didn’t finish
  13. The World They Live In – too slow. Got bored. didn’t finish. I’m not sure if I even finished an episode.
  14. Manny – made it thru 1 ep – Boring
  15. Lovers in Paris – got so bored that I forgot I had even started it. Wow.
  16. High Kick 3 – bits and pieces read all the recaps tho 120 episodes is too many for me.
  17. History of a SalaryMan. Too slow for me.
  18. Golden Time. Tried to watch because of Chef from Pasta (it is a Pasta reunion), but he wasn’t enough. Don’t watch while eating. Esp. If you’re eating Tomato soup.
  19. Painter of the Wind. Lasted 2 eps. GBDF
  20. Who are You. GBDF.
  21. Boys Before Friends. Awful – couldn’t finish the 2nd episode.
  22. Fall in Love with Me. Didn’t Finish (stopped cause of makjang and read recaps from ep 15 on). Taiwanese. worst big brother & mom ever.
  23. Miss Korea. GBDF . You’d think a show set in 97 would be more obvious. I don’t know why they set it in 97 if they aren’t going to take advantage of the time period. Way too Slow.
  24. Surplus Princess. GBDF
  25. Warm and Cozy. GBDF. It was way too slow. I tried because it’s the Hong Sisters but I couldn’t do it. I could feel myself aging.
  26. My Little Baby. GBDF. meh.
  27. Oh My Ghostess.  didn’t finish. I can’t help thinking if the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t be considered funny; it would be considered harassment.
  28. Blade Man. GBDF. had no clue what was going on
  29. A Witch’s Romance. IGBDF.
  30. Suspicious Housekeeper – GBDF. 
  31. Sweden Laundry. GBDF.
  32. Queen of Office. GBDF.
  33. Let’s Eat. GBDF. cute but no plot

If I’ve missed any great/good happy ending kdramas (or Asian dramas in general), please let me know. Also, let me know of any ones I should skip because they are weepers. I’m making a “not to watch” list as well as a “to watch” list.


Comments on: "Kdramas I’ve Seen" (8)

  1. […] attempts at Sewing and being Crafty HomeAboutKdramas I’ve Seen […]

  2. Oh wow XD you got bored and didn’t finish a lot 😀 but I agree with you on that Hyunbin one (The world we live in) I got about 45min in and I fell asleep and that was over a year ago my mum lasted the whole drama though (she just happens to be Hyunbin fan, so call is bias) and 49 Days actually depressed me when I was watching it I cried on the last episodes for hours (i watched ep 18-20) in one go coz it was Sunday and I was catching up and I had a splitting headache after I watched that 😦 never been so sad watching a drama before actually >.>

    Boys Over Flowers, actually some people call that drama the F4 of Kdrama’s because its daebak although its not very re-watchable (well….LeeMinho parts KimBum parts , Kimhyunjoong parts) are all re-watchable because I find all of F4 perfect the rest of the show is rather a Cinderella type drama but its a happy show and very lovey-dovey so I like that 😀 you should watch Faith (if you haven’t) and Reply 1997 (that’s a good one)

    • Here’s where we have to agree to disagree. I despise BOF w/ a passion & I think all of the F4 are really awful people. They’re bullies & I despise bullies. (Or they stand aside when they’ve the power to stop it & that is just as bad)
      & LMH’s character should’ve gone to jail (kidnapping, assault) etc etc.
      The girl went from flying kicks (love that) to cowering in a corner & being totally dependent on her man or her man’s friends to save her.
      Maybe because I’m much older than the typical audience do I see it this way. I don’t believe people chg that drastically that quickly & specially not for a woman. (He still treats pretty much everyone else as dirt)
      I see him as a potential abuser & her as the woman who says “he’s sorry & won’t hit me anymore. Or he only hits me when I deserve it.”
      If you can’t tell “Twilight of KDramas” isn’t a complement. I think both can give your impressionable girls the idea that a stalker etc can be your true love.
      when my friends were Team Edward etc I made a button that said “Team Healthy Relationship) & it applies here.
      Sorry for the rant. And yes, I really liked Faith.

  3. I recommend In Time With You, Autumn’s Concerto, It Started With a Kiss / They Kiss Again (first and second season of the TW version of playful kiss that came out around 2006), and Amour et Patisserie for TW dramas! 🙂

  4. I love kdramas too! They are so addicting. I actually started watching anime, then went to Japanese dramas, and somehow ended up watching kdramas. For me kdramas are the most addicting out of the three 😶
    My favorite one so far has been Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, you should watch it. I also liked Secret Garden and Shopping King Louis. I think Shopping King Louis was the first kdrama I ever watched but I can’t remember….
    Oh and do you have any idea what hamo hamo means???

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