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The Chrismon

Another crafty thing i am involved with – sort of – is Chrismons.  A Chrismon is a Christ Monogram – a Christmas ornament that symbolizes some aspect of Christ.  They are usually made up of pearl or gold beads and can be very intricate.  There are small ones that you can put on your home tree and quite large ones for churches.  My grandmother made Chrismons for her church since I was a baby.  She also made her children/grandchildren small Chrismons, usually starts, crowns and angels.   Last November, Grandma taught my sister and I how to make a very simple cross.  When she died a month later, my mother told me I was to make a Chrismon for Grandma’s church’s tree for this year in memory of her.  Which is ironic since I am the least crafty of the family, but I took on the responsibility or going from the simple cross to an ornate ornament. I went to and ordered all of the instruction books that they had.   I flipped thru them and discovered a crown that I didn’t think Grandma had made.  

Page 54 Crown
The Page 54 Crown

I order the larger beads from Rufty’s Chrismon shop (can’t really recommend – they aren’t in the 20th century yet, but I don’t know of  another supplier) and picked up wire and other beads at local craft stores.  And I made it, and then I remade it and then I remade it again.

I finished the beading the 1st week of November – but the crown was too floppy.   So I wove wires between the two rows of beads that form each point.  The result was this.

The Chrismon is in no way perfect, and Grandma could have done it much better (without needing to take it apart 3 times), but it is on the way to her church (may have arrived).  And besides, I have heard that crafters leave an imperfection in their work to show the perfection of God.  Well, if that is the case then this crown virtually screams that God is perfect. 😉

Anyway, I don’t know if I am going to make more, probably none of that size unless my church decides to have a Chrismon tree.  But maybe, I will make a smaller version of the crown for my parents.  My mother gave me all of Grandma’s beading supplies and it would be a shame not to use them. 😉