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My 2nd childhood and 1st FangirlHood

This is the story about how I slowly  became a fangirl.

When I was a teenager, I was never a fangirl. Other girls my age would listen to New Kids on the Block and I would think they were weird for having posters on the wall of a boyband.  (They thought I was weird for listening to the Carpenters.) I didn’t really have a normal childhood in that way, I didn’t obsess over TV shows or actors or musicians. I read books (library), and read books and read books and watched musicals and some science fiction. My family also didn’t have a lot of money, so I never wanted anything expensive (except my Samantha Doll – which I got as an adult – long story) because I knew I wouldn’t get it. (99% of my toys came from yard sales.) As a teenager even tho I loved the Musical Newsies, I knew I couldn’t afford the soundtrack on my $1/hr babysitting money, so I made my own by holding up my tape recorder to the TV. I was an adult before I had anything that I didn’t create related to “modern” popculture. Don’t get me wrong, I was Ok (most of the time) with being a decade of so behind my “friends” in the toy department. I had the public library full of books. Nancy Drew was more important to me then some boy band.

As I became an adult and a geek, I found myself wanting things related to stuff I liked. So I bought soundtracks and science fiction toys. Not too long ago, my bedroom was decorated with Star Trek and (few) Doctor Who & Star Wars toys & posters.  It wasn’t a collection just a few odds & ends.

A long time ago on FaceBook, I discovered an App called Pieces of Flair. I had fun creating virtual pins and was inspired to create real ones. So I went to Zazzle (don’t recommend) and created custom mini-magnets on Zazzle related to my favorite lesser-known shows & books (primarily sci-fi) related. I decorated the cabinets at work with them for a couple years and then moved them to my fridge at home.  I was well on my way to becoming a collector.

I discovered kdramas and through them kpop a few years ago. I fell in love with You’re Beautiful and wanted anything I could find. Which wasn’t much. Shipping from Korea is very costly, so much of the “oh that’s so cool. I want.” stuff that I see online has to stay in Korea.  I was able to go to Korea last year. And between that trip and online shopping, I have been able to pick of a few things, mostly You’re Beautiful with some FTIsland mixed in for good measure.

I even had enough stuff to redecorate my bedroom (well, 1/2 of it – I can’t get rid of all my Star Trek/Doctor Who stuff). Between that and checking off my qualities on Kim JongKook’s DreamGirl list, I have become a fangirl. But with no feasible way to supply my obsession, what’s a girl to do?

Easy. I bought what I had been wanting for years. A Button maker. The 1st day I had it, I realized my printer wasn’t working, so I cannibalized TV Guides for Star Trek, StarGate and other buttons. I also converted various Korea-related stickers into buttons.  Since then, I have designed and created loads of You’re Beautiful buttons and then thrown in my other favorites like Faith, Pasta, King2Hearts, Rooftop Prince, Queen In-Hyun’s Man, Best Love, and of course, Running Man.

I’ve been surprised to see how many things can make very cool buttons. I’ve even created buttons from You’re Beautiful trading card wrappers that I couldn’t bear to throw away. Yesterday, I moved most of my collection to the classic button display – a jean jacket.  I still have lots more ideas for buttons and new dramas come out all the time, so I see no end to this latest manifestation of my new fangirlhood.

Non Kdrama Buttons

ANJell TC Wrapper Buttons

Not bad for trading card wrappers.

Button Jacket