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Sub Rating: Running Man

My new favorite Korean show is Running Man. It isn’t a kdrama – it is a variety show. It is just hilarious. With variety shows, the important part of subs is how the onscreen text is subbed because sometimes (alot of times) crucial bits of information are only text – not audio. I’ve used 3 different subbing sites/groups and here is my review.

Pro: Authorized site so I would assume that eventually someone in power will know that people outside Korea love/watch Running Man.
Also, fast subs for new eps.

Con: Only some onscreen text is subbed. Pain in the …neck to find the episode you want because Dramafever numbers eps completely wrong (they don’t have the 1st 2 years or so, so they start with 1). The air date & guests are listed is in the show description, but the new Dramafever UI (hate it) only allows the Dramafever ep number to be shown in the episode picker, so having the date is pointless. It took me at least 5 times to find ep. 118. I’ve suggested that they put the # in the description, but I don’t think they did it.

Pro: Excellent subs. Not only is onscreen text subbed, but it is formatted to match the Korean text. even the background music is identified. Available on DailyMotion, FaceBook and for download.

Con: Good subs & type setting takes time so it isn’t exactly a simulcast. Also, sometimes they overwrite the Korean text with the English text, so if you want to read the Korean you can’t, probably not a big deal. Unauthorized fan-subs so at any moment a meanie could issue a take down notice.


Pro: It is a knockoff of iSubs.

Con: It is a poor knockoff of iSubs. Not all the onscreen text is subbed, and the subs aren’t very good. And when I say it is a knock-off of iSubs, I’ve started watching a episode and thought that iSubs had an off day and then noticed the different logo. Complete plagiarism of iSubs’ typesetting style.


iSubs all the way. Best subs out there. If you have to watch a new ep right away, then use dramafever, but go back later and see what you missed.

If you don’t use the links from (sign up to get access), then google carefully for the ep you want. DailyMotion has a neat thing where you can see what playlists the video you are watching is in so you can watch all the parts one after the other. I’ve done that, and then seen what other playlists that person created. It works well for me.

Be careful on DailyMotion that you don’t get a K-showNow video accidentally. You’ll know in a few minutes. And don’t use unauthorized sites that make money off of iSubs.

Oh warning on DailyMotion, it has started putting ads in the middle of a video and not just between. I’ve had a problem with the picture not coming back afterwards, so I decided to watch on Firefox with a video ad blocker. I’ve no problems with watching ads between videos, but not in the middle where it causes the video to fail.


Intro: Subtitle rating

I’m a word person. And by that I mean, I love words, how they flow together and how just rephrasing a thought can turn it from ho-hum to awesome. I can’t do awesome. I admire people who can. I wanted to be a writer (even studied it in college), but I realized I don’t have the gift. IRL, I’m an technical editor (hard to believe, right?). So I still work with words just with longer syllables then I had planned.
Anyway, this is all to introduce why I’m going to create a new page or feature (I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it), ratings of streaming sites subs. As I rewatch (or even watch) dramas, I’m going to list what I like & dislike about the subs I see. Which site has the subs that make me go “aawww” rather than “oh.”
The sites (at this time) that I’ll be reviewing will be Dramafever, Viki, Netflix, CrunchyRoll (probably) with probably a few fan subs thrown in. Please remember that reviews of subs are typically specific to a particular drama since there is always variation within a site.
Because Korean and English translation can’t be word for word, there are typically lots of ways to translate a Korean sentence into English, especially with the long romantic conversation. My focus will be on which ones are just plain awesome & seem to accurately reflect the words (or in some cases intent) of the Korean.
Please keep in mind that my Korean vocabulary is about 200 words and I know very little of the grammar so I most of the time I’ll be dependent on the subs. However, I’ll try to note if someone translates “like” as “love” and other little things like that.

You’ve gotta have Subs – Kdrama Challenge

Ok – I’m going to issue a challenge to fellow Kdrama fans. Next time, you rewatch a drama, watch it on a different site with different subtitles.

Several reasons for this: the main one is I think we get a better flavor of what is actually said if we see how different sites translate the same line. You may find you really love 1 particular scene better on 1 site then another. Case in Point: In You’re Beautiful (my favorite as everyone knows), TaeKyung tells MiNam something that is translated by various sites “don’t be in the dark” and “don’t be where I can’t see you” among others. I’m a romantic; so when he yells out during the MV screening I like the one where he yells “I told you not to be where I can’t see you.” Perhaps “don’t be in the dark” is just as or even more accurate (I haven’t a clue), but I have my preference.

Another reason, you may find your favorite site is going to take a backseat for certain dramas. My favorite site is Dramafever, but I’ve started watching Netflix (30 day trial – probably will do a month or 2 extra) and I’ve also use Viki a lot more now (mostly for simulcast because it is quicker and I think the subs are more accurate/detailed). Dramafever still wins for ease of use, but in 2013, I’ll be watching a lot less Dramafever and more from other sites.

Another reason, there are certain untranslatable things that just don’t work in English whether because they are puns or Korean cliche’s an exact translation won’t really work unless an explanation is given. So seeing how other sites handled stuff like that is very interesting. Another scene from You’re Beautiful. TaeKyung is in the practice room and HyeYi is outside. In the course of the scene, she writes a note to him and presses it against the glass. She misspells a word (apparently, an easy one – not Antidisestablishmentarianism). So TaeKyung writes the correct spelling in BIG letters on the glass (I hope it was dry erase). My favorite variation of this scene is something along this line (not exact quote).

“I’ll make you pie for this.”
“PAY – No thanks for the pie “(which is awkward – I’d prefer “I don’t want your pie”)

That exchange accurately (IMO, at least) reflects the character of the exchange. An exact translation isn’t required. But some sites do the exact translation, but also provide an 1 sentence explanation of these untranslatables.

There are other reason I’m sure, but I’m too tired to think of them.

So if you are going to be rewatching a Drama anyway, mix it up and go watch on Dramafever, Viki, CrunchyRoll, Hulu (includes Dramafever, Viki & others), Netflix (DVD subs are likely different from the streaming) or download srts from a different site if that is how you watch.

BTW, I’m going to attempt to write reviews of the subbing in shows I rewatch and let you know, which sites have the best subs. But that is only if I can remember where I watched in the 1st place. 🙂