used to be a Sewing Blog – Now KDrama


This blog was to chronicle my attempts at learning or rather relearning how to sew.  But then I discovered kdrama and sewing went by the wayside for the most part.

Kdramas I’ve seen is updated regularly with not surprisingly kdramas I’ve seen (I’m creative that way).  I try to give a teeny no-spoiler review of everything I watch.


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  1. It is wonderful to learn that another woman of God seeks to follow God this way. This doesn’t happen very often (so it seems) in a culture like ours today. May God bless you in your pursuit of HIM! Thanks, also, for visiting my blog!

  2. Teresa P said:

    Hahaha this is so weird! I too was going through a rough time in 2011 and discovered Kdrama. I know what you mean when you try to tell almost anybody about what you’re watching and you get that deer in headlights stare. I have literally spent days watching my favorite dramas doing nothing but that and just the necessary things to keep the ship afloat. Anyways, you are the first person I’ve heard that has a similar story as mine.
    Later, Teresa

  3. I like your blog. Very interesting. You have seen a lot of shows and I gained some insight from you about a few I have been on the fence about. Thank you!!!!!

  4. Oops I should have mentioned. I like the title of your blog….I sew as well and would have ditched it for kdramas as well. LOL

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