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Open Letter to the Korea Herald

Apparently the Korea Herald (or at least the writer) thinks that the best way to build up Korean mothers is to tear down all other moms; and I won’t stand for it.
So I emailed this to author and the Korea Herald and now I’m sharing it with you.
I just read the article noted above.

I just want to thank you for insulting all moms except Korean moms.  Apparently, you don’t realize that Americans have a saying, “Don’t mess with my mom.”  And this very filial (yes, Americans can be filial), American daughter won’t stand for it. 

Your entire article was insulting, and since it was in English, I guess you wanted to insult us.  Well, I’m a lot nicer then you are. I will give you some constructive criticism of your article.
First – this rewrite is just as applicable (see note below):
To the American people, however, “mother” means much more than that; Americans think of their mother as a very special, angelic being who, like Mother Nature, endlessly nurtures, embraces and comforts them when they are hurt, confused and alone. Indeed, “the mother figure” serves as a life-saving force and has a special place in American literature and culture. And an American would never forget his mother as long as he lives.
In America, the image of a mother is closer to a bird. A mother bird, when raising children, does not eat anything all day; she is busy catching worms and feeding her babies in the nest. Like a mother bird, American mothers are willing to sacrifice themselves for their children. In America, therefore, the word “mother” always evokes the sweetness of care and affection, mercy and sacrifice, home and nostalgia.
When Americans are homesick, therefore, they intensely miss their mother. In America, a home without a mother is not a home. Americans easily become sentimental and nostalgic whenever they think of their mother. Indeed, there is an everlasting, tenacious bond between a American and his or her mother. In American, therefore, mothers continue to live inside their children’s sweet memories even after they are deceased. 
Second – while my command of Korean is very limited, I can give you some tips on writing in English.
Never, Always, All, None – this type of “no exception” words should be avoided at all costs. I am sure that there are evil women in Korea who happen to be mothers just like there are in every other country. I know bad American moms, and I have heard of bad Korean moms.  
Third – Different doesn’t mean bad. Korean parenting, American parenting, German parenting, and ____ parenting are different, but that doesn’t mean one is right and the other wrong.
Fourth – Your anecdote regarding sending kids upstairs at 8 PM. Aren’t many, many Korean children in hagwons or already studying in their rooms at 8 PM? How is that any different?
Side note: I have never met an American mother who sent her kids to their rooms so she could have some time to herself. I do know many American mothers who can’t even use the bathroom without a child saying “Mom, Mom, Mom.” Sometimes, the kids even go into the bathroom while she is using it. Time for themselves? Most American moms don’t have any. However, I acknowledge that “sending to their room at 8 solely so she could have time to herself moms” might exist.
Fifth – You get your insight  into American mothers from the Big Bang Theory. Should I get my insight into Korean mothers from the mothers in law I see in Korean dramas. I didn’t think so.
Sixth – How many American mothers have you met  (not seen in a TV show) that have given you such an all-encompassing view of American mothers? I’m betting: 0.
Would you like me to continue? I’m sure I could. But I’ll leave you with one final thought.
This article shows a lack of research, tack and humility.  Before you write another article regarding American motherhood, or any aspect of American culture (or any nonKorean culture), please talk to someone. Or at least Google (I choose Google instead of Naver because the results will probably be more accurate.)
Karen D
Peeved daughter of an great American Mom