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1909 muff

I am a member of a local Star Trek club. Yes, I am a geek; No, we aren’t all like the movie Trekkie. 😉 Anyway, each year (well, almost) we participate in a local Christmas parade. Basically, the parade has a theme, and each float puts their own spin on it. We put a Trek spin on it.

This year, the theme is “Christmas – A 100 Years Ago.” I am kinda in charge of costume or costume ideas since I like historical fashion. One of the ladies dressed in historical clothing (as opposed to Trek Uniforms) needed something to complete her outfit to make it historical. So I said I would make a muff (I wanted one for myself but I will be holding something.) (I will probably post about my costume later.)

Jo-Ann’s is having a big 3-day sale, so I was able to pick up a 99 cent pattern, some fleece and batting on sale and forgot the coupon and paid full price for the fake fur.

The fur is apparently from a faux albino grizzly, the lining is bright orange fleece (I like orange) and the ribbon loop is green polka-dotted grosgrain.

Those aren’t the best photos. But it isn’t the best muff. I screwed up a little and missed the fur when I was sewing the lining to the fur/batting, so I had to hand-sew part of it. I also discovered that the pattern (Butterick 5265) instructions were wrong – they said to place the loop on the outside – I discovered that after I was almost finished so I had to grab the handy-dandy seam-ripper so I could pull the ribbon to the lining side and hand-sew it in place.

Also, the pattern was missing a step at the end. But I am intelligent enough to flip the muff so the fur is on the outside. 😉

But I think it came out OK, and I hope no one will notice the so-not-period orange fleece lining during the parade.

I may adapt it for my own personal use after the parade. If I do, I will put elastic near the ends to keep out the wind and also had a pocket for my iphone or something.