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Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer

I normally use giftbags instead of wrap presents because I am a terrible wrapper. However, this year after I used up my stash (and bought a few more), there were no gift bags to be found near me (unless I wanted to pay a couple $s each. No thanks.) So I bought gift wrap – 4 pack. And now I have 3 full, and one partial roll of giftwrap left. I had been storing my old rolls in a mailing tube, that was OK for one or even two half finished rolls, but not 4. So I needed a way to store them. I wanted something dedicated to it – so I looked online for gift wrap organizers. Amazon had several – but the cheapest was about $14. Then I remembered something. I had a big old bolt of what a friend of mine had called “the ugliest fabric known to man” I had bought it the Star Trek Auction and had made a few drawstring laundry bags – but otherwise it was just behind my chair taking up space. So I decided to use it for a free but ugly solution to my storage problem. The fabric was I guess for some ugly curtains or something so the bolt was a long tube a little over 4 feet tall.


Ugly fabric 2 strips approximately 4 feet by 2 foot wide

clothes hanger

I got out my cutting mat and cut a strip just under the width of the mat – probably ended up about 22 inches wide. I folded it in half – right sides together, and made a tiny stay stitch along the bottom fold for strength. Then I sewed the sides. I then started making pockets for the rolls – the 1st one was too small – but I found a use later for it. I ended up taping an old gift card to the edge of my sewing machine to give myself a guide for the width I wanted. I would line up each previously sewn line to that and try to keep it even by feel. It wasn’t perfect by a long shot but it did the job. Key point – I didn’t go all the way to the top – I wanted some wiggle room.

I ended up with 4 long pockets the right size for a roll of wrapping paper and 2 small pockets on either side (1 of which will hold dollar store rolls). Oh and the wrapping paper stuck out about 3 inches.

I then cut another strip about the same size, and folded both ends toward the middle. and sewed that up so I had 2 pockets with a gap in the middle approximately the size of a pillow case. One half, I sewed closed and then sewed a few extra lines to keep it from getting puffy. That is my flap. The other side I sewed up the middle to give 2 pockets about 12 inches deep and 6 inches wide. These pockets are for tissue paper. Now to attach the 2 pieces together.

with the pockets facing out – I aligned the top of the tissue pockets to the top of the clothes hanger and sewed the two together along the side. That is where those two pockets that are too small for rolls come in handy. Next I sewed carefully across the top so that they were firmly attached, but the pockets for the gift wrap were still open. It helped that I accidentally folded the gift wrap tube unevenly, and it stuck out about a half-inch in the back of the gift wrap pockets which gave me something to aim for. Now i have an organizer with a flap.

To put the hanger on, I used a metal hanger (thin but strong) and placed it where I thought the flap should be flipped. I stitched it in place about an inch (basically making a tube with the hanger bar in the center) and then did the same on the other side. This kept it from slipping. then I finished the tube. I should have sewed another line for strength, but I didn’t.

Here it is. My apologies – WordPress won’t let me edit or rotate nor will it keep the rotation if I do it on my computer.

With the Flap Open

Pockets for folded tissue paper

Organizer with Flap Closed - WP won't let me Rotate


2 Minute Apron

I’ve been needing an apron for washing dishes.  So I made one – 2 minutes is an over estimate.

Take 1 tea towel and some ribbon.

Sew the ribbon to apron on the inside top border  then sew on the opposite side.

Cut the ribbon in half (no measuring)

One Apron.  Even with going back over the stitches it still took no time at all.

Ideas for future – sew buttons on the towel so the ribbons can be removed or replaced.

Sew a washcloth to the top to make a bib and add some ribbon.  This will need to be measured – sew one end and then figure out where you want it to end and add an additional inch or so.  Cut. Sew.   Or if you don’t want to measure, sew on both sides and cut in half to make a tie.

Also buttons on the towel and button holes on the washcloth so the ribbons and washcloths can be changed for holidays or whatever.

So easy I can do it. 🙂

1909 muff

I am a member of a local Star Trek club. Yes, I am a geek; No, we aren’t all like the movie Trekkie. 😉 Anyway, each year (well, almost) we participate in a local Christmas parade. Basically, the parade has a theme, and each float puts their own spin on it. We put a Trek spin on it.

This year, the theme is “Christmas – A 100 Years Ago.” I am kinda in charge of costume or costume ideas since I like historical fashion. One of the ladies dressed in historical clothing (as opposed to Trek Uniforms) needed something to complete her outfit to make it historical. So I said I would make a muff (I wanted one for myself but I will be holding something.) (I will probably post about my costume later.)

Jo-Ann’s is having a big 3-day sale, so I was able to pick up a 99 cent pattern, some fleece and batting on sale and forgot the coupon and paid full price for the fake fur.

The fur is apparently from a faux albino grizzly, the lining is bright orange fleece (I like orange) and the ribbon loop is green polka-dotted grosgrain.

Those aren’t the best photos. But it isn’t the best muff. I screwed up a little and missed the fur when I was sewing the lining to the fur/batting, so I had to hand-sew part of it. I also discovered that the pattern (Butterick 5265) instructions were wrong – they said to place the loop on the outside – I discovered that after I was almost finished so I had to grab the handy-dandy seam-ripper so I could pull the ribbon to the lining side and hand-sew it in place.

Also, the pattern was missing a step at the end. But I am intelligent enough to flip the muff so the fur is on the outside. 😉

But I think it came out OK, and I hope no one will notice the so-not-period orange fleece lining during the parade.

I may adapt it for my own personal use after the parade. If I do, I will put elastic near the ends to keep out the wind and also had a pocket for my iphone or something.

Hi – my Intro

I am trying to learn how to sew – or rather learn how to sew better (I know the mechanics – I am just not very good).   Some of my ideas are interesting and I thought maybe useful to other people.   To be honest, I am more handy with a computer (I’m a geek) then a needle, but I want to be able to sew well for several reasons.

One of which is my heritage:  My great-grandmother (I’ve never met her) used to sew uniforms for the army (I think – I know it was uniforms – not sure for what).  She never needed a pattern.  Apparently, she made my mother new clothes just by looking at her and then started cutting out the fabric.  My grandmother was a 4-H sewing instructor and used to make me dresses/skirts when I was a child.  They were quite pretty.  My mother can sew but isn’t as good as Grandma because Grandma was a perfectionist (like 1 of my sisters – who rips up any imperfect seams).  My mom isn’t a perfectionist, but she doesn’t have to be –  she makes costumes for church plays or  doll clothes for my nieces etc – it doesn’t need to be perfect since she doesn’t usually make clothes.

Another reason is: I love historical clothing and would love to have historical based clothing for me to wear to work or whatever.  I grew up drooling over the American Girl Catalog (or Pleasant Company) as it was known then.  And it has influenced my taste.   Well, somewhat the not wearing pants bit and the headcovering for church bit (both can be handled in separate post sometime in the future) are all me.  So I would love to make my own clothes that reflect my taste.  Now I shop primarily at thrift stores because I don’t care for the same old same old, and I would rather spend my money on books and computers stuff.  Anyway, I think it would be very fun to have historical based clothing adapted for the modern life with extra bright colors.  What can I say my favorite color is the rainbow.

A third reason (which will be the last I post here but not really the last), I am cheap, at least when it comes to clothes.  I would love to find something I love in the thrift stores except it’s too long or too short or too low cut or too something and make it just right.

Anyway, I am going to post my past attempts at sewing here and future attempts. I will probably throw in other crafty type stuff – I like to dye clothes to make them unique and I have made Chrismons.  Or I might post non-crafy stuff too.  Who knows.