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Monstar and memories

so, while watching the final ep of #Monstar, a song brought a very old, slightly weird memory to mind. ColorBar was singing Lefty. (Go here for more info on the original.) And this line “And you say everyone should raise the same hand” reminded me of an incident from my college days.

I went to a very, very conservative Christian college. One day, Pastor preached on stubbornness or rebellion or something (can’t remember exactly what). This was the illustration: if a person was asked to raise their right hand and they raised their left, both hands, or no hands, then each type of refusal to do as asked could be construed an example of this sin, that sin or this sin. (I can’t remember more details and remember this was an example of the mindset, not that not raising your hand was a sin.)

Anyway, this is where it gets funny and why it stuck with me. It was my college’s 25th anniversary and they wanted a group photo, so 1 or 2 days later, they told everyone to gather at the bell tower. ┬áSomeone called “Everyone raise your Right hands & wave to camera.”

Um…yeah…this was a college full of well….college kids. So while the majority of us raised our right hand, there were quite a few left handers, no handers and both handers. And I’m pretty darn certain that most of them were because of the sermon. At least the people around me were all “ooohh, we can be rebellious just by raising our left hand. Let’s do it.” Or “I’m not a left hander, I’m a no-hander.”
They actually had discussions on the “best” way to be a rebel by not raising their right hand. Yeah, it was immature. But apparently memorable.

I found the photo; here is a portion of it.

childish rebellion

childish rebellion