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2 Minute Apron

I’ve been needing an apron for washing dishes.  So I made one – 2 minutes is an over estimate.

Take 1 tea towel and some ribbon.

Sew the ribbon to apron on the inside top border  then sew on the opposite side.

Cut the ribbon in half (no measuring)

One Apron.  Even with going back over the stitches it still took no time at all.

Ideas for future – sew buttons on the towel so the ribbons can be removed or replaced.

Sew a washcloth to the top to make a bib and add some ribbon.  This will need to be measured – sew one end and then figure out where you want it to end and add an additional inch or so.  Cut. Sew.   Or if you don’t want to measure, sew on both sides and cut in half to make a tie.

Also buttons on the towel and button holes on the washcloth so the ribbons and washcloths can be changed for holidays or whatever.

So easy I can do it. 🙂