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Running Man Dream

Please forgive any grammatical/spelling errors. I have to get this down so I don’t forget and then I have to get ready for work! This dream happened during the 1/2 awake/dozing stage just before real sleep. If I had a normal dream last night, I don’t remember it.

My dream opens with my BFF and I at the Asian Corner Mall in Charlotte. (My Fav. church is there and were on our way to church.) Info: this mall was kinda run-down (pot-lakes instead of pot-holes) when I was last there so Running Man would never go there unless they were lost and saw the Korean grocery store sign.

We are walking into the mall when I hear “Excuse Me.” We turn around and my hands go over my mouth. “Chol-ma/ChinCha?” (I’m not writing Korean here because it takes too long and the phonetics are bad, but oh well.) In front of me are HaHa and Yoo JaeSuk. (HaHa was the one who had spoken). Yoo JaeSuk was especially taken back by the white girl’s (attempts at) Korean.

I bow and say “Yoo JaeSuk Nim, HaHa Shi…” and then I see Kim JongKook coming up behind them a few steps away. “JongKook Oppa.” (I actually saw the graphics of his face turning red – so I think i was also watching the ep as well as being in it)

I had to explain to them (in broken Korean/English) as they teased JongKook that HaHa was younger then I so he couldn’t be an Oppa. (I didn’t tell them I didn’t know how to address someone older than I because I thought I couldn’t use Shi so I called Yoo JaeSuk Nim) Then I remembered BFF, and we introduced her as being from Brazil (she is – just originally from the US). “You know Korean food?” “dae” JaeSuk then asked me to participate in a mission. I look at my watch (which I don’t wear), and said I had a few minutes. I asked for a sec. “Cho Ko Min Yo” and I asked BFF to hold my Bible and told her she could go in or wait. They were surprised that there was a church in the mall (I’m pretty sure I invited them to church). Anyway, back to the Mission. They had to find a white person (or non-Asian), which is why they were excited to see me and BFF because they couldn’t find anyone. I’m not sure why, but we’ll go with it. I was the 1st one they asked.

The 1st part was they had to piggy-back me to the mission location and they asked who I wanted to do it. “JongKook Oppa because I’m kinda heavy.” (only by Korean standards would I be heavy, but OK) Apparently, my skirt was very full that day because I don’t remember having a wardrobe malfunction. πŸ˜€ nor did my wild hair (it wasn’t in The Braid) cause a problem. i actually don’t remember the ride.

We arrive at the mission location and the mission (I think there were 2) is for me to identify 5 Korean foods by picture (I’m not sure what the guys job were) .

SamGyeTang – “oh I’m hungry for SamGyeTang”

Bulgogi – “that bulgogi looks so good”

Seaweed soup – I apparently knew the Korea word for it (can’t remember now), but I struggled with pronunciation.

Galbi – I just say Galbi

and i can’t remember the 5th one. I think it was cubed radish kimchi, but I couldn’t remember the korean for it so I called it radish kimchi and it passed. They won in 1 try and were way ahead of everyone else.

They did the whole jumping around thing and hugging thing. and got ready to leave, but the crew had to do something so we talked for a couple mins and they asked me if I had been to Korea and I said for short vacation. They (I think HaHa) also asked if there was anything I wanted from Korea if they won the game because of me. I think HaHa said “We Win. We send you present. You want something Korean?’ I said “Yes, But I don’t know how much it costs so I wouldn’t want to ask – it’s really pretty tho.” HaHa says and gets a dirty look (I think), something along the line that the 3 of them will pay for it together, so it won’t be that expensive. I can see they think I’m gonna ask for a designer bag or something fancy and I show them a picture of the ladybug suitcase that I happen to have on my phone that I’m still kicking myself about not buying or even asking how much it was was.”The big one, but you don’t have to. I just like it.” I think they borrow my phone and texted it to a PD.

Anyway, the dream ends there. I don’t know if they won, and I don’t know if they sent me the suitcase.
I vaguely remember signing paperwork & giving a PD my full name and address.Bits and pieces keep coming back to me:

I’m pretty sure I remember JongKook singing Loveable and I had to sing along and also getting their autographs. πŸ˜€ (at some point I said, Pan-e-a-yo)
I kinda remember addressing JaeSuk’s VJ by name, which is odd because I have no idea how to pronounce it.
I also remember writing out my name in Hangul 캐렌, because they were making 개 jokes and linking me to Gary. (Side Note: I wish I knew why Gary Shi was supposed to be funny.)

The funniest part of this whole dream is I’m totally camera shy.

I hope the dream continues tonight πŸ™‚


My guest post review of 2012

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