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Experiment – Korean vowels as exclamations

This video is an experiment of mine. I realized that Korean vowels sound like English exclamations. Or more properly, English/American vocalizations.

I’m horribly camera shy, so the odds of me posting another video are slim to “미쳤어?”

Also, I’m bad at Korean, so this is more for fun then teaching. 🙂



Do they play the bagpipes on Mars?

If you didn’t know, one of my many geeky hobbies is making music videos, usually of my family and friends. I’m not that great at them, but they are fun (well, seeing the completed video is fun, the rest is work). This is a very very not great video, but I think my mutated clipart makes it funny. Or at least it makes me smile.
Enter The Haggis is a celtic fusion band; I was a total HaggisHead back in the day, but I’ve calmed down some now. I still like them, but I’ve found other obsessions, namely kdramas.
I made this in a little over 30 days start to finish. I had never opened the program before or since.
TL:DR Background:
10 years ago, I was three things in my free time: a computer geek, a sci-fi geek and a HaggisHead (a fan of the celtic fusion band Enter the Haggis). At the time, JibJab animations were hugely popular, and I thought “I could do that,” forgetting that I have no sense of rhythm or artistic ability. Nevertheless, I decided to learn MacroMedia Flash. I decided to combine all my geekiness into one cartoon, by doing an animation of one of my favorite songs.
But the software was way too expensive for me, so I got a 30 day trial for home PC. And then when I was almost done, I downloaded Flash on my work PC and finished it during lunch and after hours. For some reason, I actually thought learning Flash would be a bonus at work (I suppose for presentations).
I finished the video, saved it as a swf, shared it with a few people and pretty much forgot about it. Every couple of years, I’d see it, find a way to watch it, think I should share this, but promptly forgot about it. Today, I decided to do something about it. I did a screen capture and then reimported the music.
While this “animation” was made in Macromedia Flash originally, this video is actually a screen capture and then I placed the sound back. There were some timing issues because the video would suddenly lag (10 year old technology) so I had to fix them, and I removed my real name from the video because of internet safety. Those were the only two adjustments I made.