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In 2017, one of my best friends (and her then fiancee) helped me clear the majority of my backyard to the creek. By help, i mean they did most of it with power tools and I followed behind with loppers and lugged branches to the trailer and reminded them to drink gatorade or water.  Now I have a beautiful view of my creek. Then I set up a plastic patio with a bench but I never used it because of bugs. so I tried different versions of screenhouses with mosquito nets etc.   This is the current version – I call it my bionic screenhouse – it’s bigger, stronger, but not faster. 🙂 (tho if I take proper notes, it will be faster to put together next year)


  • keep most of the mosquitos away
  • top must be open to the sun
  • I could do it myself.
  • cheap


with those requirements in mind, and knowing what I had in the basement. PVC was the way to go. I had a cube mosquito net that had seen better days (partially eaten by a lawn mower)  – but that was meant for an 8 by 8 foot cube. I’m 5-2. that’s just not something i can do. and my car is so small, that all my PVC had been cut down to 4 foot or less.  (all 3/4 inches as well)
the base is a patio made from plastic tiles. (only things I can lift)


  1. Sink dowels (up to a 1/2 inch thick) into my clay soil as far as they could go to act as anchors. in a few instances, I used bamboo garden stakes that I was able to really sink down.  To guide positioning correctly, I placed a t connector at the end of 4 foot length of PVC. with the long side facing up and down. (sorry – no photo) I then sank the dowels using that as the guide and then repeated for all 4 corners.
  2. place the mosquito net over the cube and realize it’s too short – so zip tie a piece of PVC to the back of the bench to keep allow myself head room.  Realized this won’t work in long run so calculate how much PVC you have.  but attach with snapclips
  3. Ordered fiberglass window screen, 4 way connectors and additional snap clips. I also found aluminum grip clips that are great. ( not an affiliate link) but not what I thought they were for. (they’re for going over snapclips to keep them from breaking)
  4. add a 2 foot extension, along the front and back (forms a wide U). the sides aren’t extended because I didn’t have any more 4 foot lengths without the cup (not sure the real term) to attach to another pipe without needing a connector.  so 4ft x 4ft by 6ft
  5. used the pipes with the cups to make it longer. (4foot with cup, 2 foot and a 2 inch connector to account for the difference in ground level) basically a U – but it’s not stable
  6. connected both pieces of the house together using 2 foot pipes and 4 way connectors. (I ran out of 3 way connectors at one point – so there’s a 2 foot pipe sticking out into the area – so it really forms an entrance)
  7. and here is where it gets fun.  cut window screen to 4 foot lengths (already 4 ft wide) and attach to the PVC by basting zip ties thru the holes – see photo (pink for contrast). basted zip tie
  8. also connect each piece of window screen to each other with basted zip ties then use the mosquito net for the entrance area and roof.
  9. have it fall down in a storm after a few months, and improve it – this is where it gets bionic:
  10. dowels are sunk deeper
  11. buy more window screen and cover all sides with it.
  12. connect with zipties, snapclips and grip clips – the grip clips are loose enough to be used as an extra hand to hold it in place temporarily while adjusting
  13. realize that the door shouldn’t be screen
  14. cut off the parts of the mosquito net that had been eaten by the lawnmower and are too short and turn into a door (i placed a piece of bamboo to keep it from blowing too far in)
  15. read a book inside your bionic screen house

full view backview view from inside

It’s not plumb, perfect nor pretty but it’s mine.


so i was reading Adam Savage’s book (Every Tool is a Hammer) and it inspired me to share some of the stuff i’ve made and the techniques I’ve discovered.
I still consider myself a Crafter more than a Maker and I’m attached to the blog name. so I’m keeping it, but since I have this blog (that no one reads). It will do nicely. my hope is someone does a google for something and thinks that’s a great idea and then goes on to do it.

I tried to do a video of this, but that’s just not me (way too much vocal clutter), so I’ll settle for text. & maybe some pictures later.

This isn’t foolproof by any means, but it’s a lot harder to make mistakes & not catch them with this method.

You will need:

  • a planner
  • a calendar (the one on your phone is fine)
  • a pencil
  • a good eraser
  • something to  use for dating
    I suggest stickers but stamps  & writing them in may work for you.
    (Note: Erin Condren date stickers are pretty inexpensive, remove easily and have the right number of days for that month. (so you can’t put 31 days if there are only 30)

To date:

  1. open your calendar to the month you’re going to be dating
  2. Pencil in the monthly (I do several at once):
    • open your planner to the monthly
    • pencil in the first day of the month (I use the lower right corner)
    • pencil in the date of each Saturday
    • pencil in the last day of the month
    • Optional: draw in diagonal lines for any Sundays etc that will be shared (I use erasable pen for that)
  3. If a week is shared across months determine which month gets it
    • My rule of thumb: The shared-week belongs to whichever month Thursday is in.
      E.g., May 30th 2019 is a Thursday, therefore, the May-June week will go after the May monthly.
      August 1st 2019 is a Thursday, therefore, the July-August week will go after the August monthly.
    • Remove excess pages from the weekly. With Paper House planners, you usually need to remove two pages; Happy Planner just one.  Make sure you remove the excess pages from the middle – not the last page. The last page usually has a look ahead or notes page so you don’t want to lose that.
  4. Pencil in the weekly
    • Pencil in (somewhere away from where you will date) the 1st day.
    • pencil in Saturday or Sunday (I do Sunday). This isn’t as crucial on the weekly but it is handy to keep you from going off.
    • pencil in the last day of the month. you may need to go after the next monthly to do this.
  5. date the month. I’m going to say sticker, but you can stamp or whatever.
    1. sticker the first week – ending with Saturday
    2. sticker the right side of the month. (typically Wednesday through Saturday)
    3. sticker the last week
    4. sticker the left side of the month
      Doing it this way prevents mistakes from carrying too far. If you get off one, you only need to correct at most 4 days. not 2 weeks. It’s also harder to make mistakes with this method because the gaps in the sticker sheet helps you find your place.
  6. sticker the weekly
    1. sticker 1 to the last day. making sure to check each Saturday before going to the next week.
    2. For shared weeks, i like to start from the last day or the month, but it’s not necessary.
  7. erase your pencil marks

Note for stamping or writing in the dates instead of using stickers. I suggest pencilling in at least one day in the middle of the week as a check so you can’t get too far off. You won’t have the gaps in the sticker sheet.

You can also stamp/write on label sheets if for example you wanted the look of free hand but the forgiveness of stickers. Avery even makes removable ones, so you can peel them off.

Seoul journal

I finally bound my Seoul journal.
I had started it several years ago but it was supposed to be a journal & scrapbook.
The journal part is my blog I wrote for my family when I was gone.
I never finished my big complicated scrapbook plans so I’ve decided to use one scrapbook for all my travel & just make this a journal. (With extras)
The gold is from a shopping bag from a museum.
Everything except the Seoul 2012 words (& the journal pages) is part of a souvenir I got from Seoul.
I’m not keen on the silver wires but that’s the color i had for the size I needed. (Actually i had others but they’re much more expensive so I stuck with silver. Maybe I’ll take a gold sharpie one day to the wires.
I’ve no idea what I was thinking but I used glitter paint on the back. I don’t even know why I even own glitter paint. Thankfully I modpodged it but I keep touching it to make sure it’s not gonna come off.
This is a very Karen project. Unique & full of mistakes but it’s done (unless I decide to add stickers after I do my scrapbook







Don’t assume – bullying

These are some things that I think people need to realize shouldn’t be assumed. I was bullied from 4th grade to high school with varying levels of severity. I’ve gotten over most of the emotional toll, but I still have remnants even after decades have passed. Bullying isn’t a normal part of childhood, even tho the bullied thinks it is. This is written to a parent, but it applies to anyone who is around children/teens to some extent.

  • Don’t assume your kid knows difference between bullying and normal joking teasing (both sides give & take), teach them if it’s only fun for one person it’s wrong.
  • Don’t assume they’ll tell you if they are being bullied. My mom found out some of it when I was an adult and some she’ll never know.
  • Don’t assume bullies know they’re bullies. I’m certain that the teenage girls who picked me up to throw into a body of water thought it was just joking. Until I bit the nearest arm in self-defense.
  • Don’t assume telling school will solve it, many times that puts a bigger target on the kid. “tattle-tale” etc. so be prepared to go big. (If a child is assaulted even by another child, then you should speak to local authorities/police about what can be done.)
  • Don’t assume your kid will stop another kid from being bullied, peer pressure is very real. Teach them it is OK to speak up or get a teacher or to tell you afterwords (if it’s not safe to speak up). Teach them “silence is consent” – if they stay silent, they’re basically telling the bully (& victim) it is Ok. Some bullies will genuinely believe that someone would have stopped them if what they were doing was “that bad.”
  • If your kid confides in you about another kid being bullied, don’t assume the victim’s parents know. tell them & the school – perhaps in writing.
  • Don’t assume your child will tell you if your other child is being bullied. 3 of my siblings (2 different times) watched and said nothing. My little brother said he “opened the door so [Big Sister who was babysitting] could hear you screaming.”
  • Don’t assume that children know that “don’t touch stuff that doesn’t belong to you” also applies to people’s bodies. teach them that people are more important than things so of course it applies.
  • Don’t assume that children know that it is Ok to raise their voice & say “Back off” “Don’t touch me” “get your hands off of me” – even when they’re supposed to be quiet. Tell them just because you’re supposed to be quiet in a library etc, doesn’t mean you’re to allow someone to touch you.
  • Don’t assume children know what is the appropriate use of force. “Knee till you hit brain” is appropriate if a male is going to assault them. (but if the bullying is just verbal try not to escalate it (not the least of which, there could be charges))
  • Don’t assume being unkind/mean once = being a bully forever. I can recall a few times to my shame that I said unkind things to another kid. I didn’t mean to be mean, and I certainly wasn’t a bully. But teach them if you’re unkind to someone you should apologize and try never to do it again. And teach them to forgive if their friend was unkind. But if there is a habit of unkindness, that person isn’t their friend and they should stay away. even if they’re supposed to be their BFF.
  • Don’t assume the local bully’s parents know their kids are the biggest bully in town. They may be just as shocked as you would be at the idea that your kid is a bully. any accusations of being a bully, should be taken seriously and discussed with child before flying off the handle.
  • Don’t assume “once a bully always a bully” & “once a victim always a victim.” the bully may have been a victim at one time and the victim may become a bully. And bullies can change and become better people.

And lastly,

If someone teaches your kid, “sticks and stones” tell them that’s a lie. words hurt very badly.

I have a Goodly Heritage

Yesterday was the anniversary of my dad’s Homegoing. (He died October 24th – so he went Home (to Heaven).)
So today, I was thinking of him and by extension, Mom.
This song came to mind and I started singing it (badly). And then I watched the video I did for my parent’s 50th anniversary.
I’ve posted about this before, but it’s still a favorite.

Goodly Heritage (possibly written by Leah Sandlin)

I may not have riches as some others may
But I have a mother who knows how to pray
maybe there’re some things I’ve missed in my youth
But I have a father that stands for the truth

I have a goodly heritage
I’m blessed with things you can’t see
I have a goodly heritage
And that is worth far more to me

If in my future, my parents pass on,
To live in that City they’ve come to call Home
They may not leave me the wealth of this world
But I will inherit their God and His Word


When problems plague you, and troubles rage on
just look at your children who’ll bear your name on
someday they’ll walk down the same path you’re on
and they’ll need a witness that His grace is strong
they need a goodly heritage; they’ll look at you and press on
they’ll say my folks stayed faithful; in that strength they can carry on

I have a goodly heritage
I want for them the same thing
I have a goodly heritage
that’s something worth passing on

now that’s something worth passing on

as I said, I did a music video of it and if you know my last name, you can watch it here.

In the meantime, here is an acapella version of just the song.

Common Meter Song

Last night, I learned about Common Meter & today while getting dressed this came to me.

If you can’t remember

the tune of a song to sing

just pretend you’re on

a fateful trip

and sing with gilligan

sing with gilligan


(this verse needs work)

Cause lots of songs

are in this thing

called common meter

so you can switch around

words and tunes at will

words and tunes at will


I should write another verse

but I’ve got to go

cause I’ll be late for work

or wait I already am

I already am