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Common Meter Song

Last night, I learned about Common Meter & today while getting dressed this came to me.

If you can’t remember

the tune of a song to sing

just pretend you’re on

a fateful trip

and sing with gilligan

sing with gilligan


(this verse needs work)

Cause lots of songs

are in this thing

called common meter

so you can switch around

words and tunes at will

words and tunes at will


I should write another verse

but I’ve got to go

cause I’ll be late for work

or wait I already am

I already am


For Christmas, I decided to give my sister in law a Happy Planner. But more then that, I decided to customize it with lots of places to store important papers. I had seen that her monthly planner  was stuffed full of papers, so that was why I had the idea.

(I apologize for the clarity of many of these photos – apparently it wasn’t bright enough. And I can’t retake them because I already gave it to her)


Happy Planners are disc bound planners that are colorful and creative. They’re not something most men would want but they’re very practical. Crafters and people into scrapbooking like them because they’re fun to decorate.

I started with a simple design (sugar & type). Since I wasn’t sure about her tastes. This is simple and classic and easy to make your own.

It’s an 18 month planner, so I pulled out July – November 2016 & placed it in a clear plastic envelope for safe keeping.

I started the customization using primarily stuff from the Dollar Tree or stuff I already had around the house.

Note: If you want to do your own Happy Planner, pick up small pair of very pointy scissors & a standard hole punch. I used the cardboard cover that are used in the store to protect it as a guide. You can either punch right thru it, or do what I do, use it to mark where you want to punch and then punch, after punching just cut out the area to go into the ring. I tried the happy planner punch and I didn’t like it – it jammed on the first use. (I’ve since bought a Circa punch which I like much better.)

Note: Dollar Tree (which i may call dollar store) Decorative Adhesive Paper Tape is what I’m calling Washi. It’s not proper Washi since it’s not masking tape. But I like it better for this because it’s thicker and isn’t transparent.  If I mess up when hole punching, I can just cover up my mistake and repunch.  You can’t do that with translucent masking tape. I highly recommend buying a roll or 12 next time you’re at the Dollar Tree.


To give her more writing/doodling space and to cover up the unnecessary 2016 calendar. I used scrapbooking paper & a repositionable glue stick (so it’s undoable). The opposite side has a list of our family’s birthdays. She’ll likely need to make her own for her side of the family. Birthday “washi” tape from the Dollar Tree reinforces the printer paper. (No photo for obvious reasons)

I wanted to protect the cover page a little so I added a clear protective sheet by cutting down a transparency & hole punching it. I discovered that the transparency I used is very staticy-so for my own protective inner cover I used a laminated piece of cardstock that I had decorated. If I had used the transparency, my planner would be covered in my loose hairs.
I tried to make a replacement cover out of a dollar tree plastic folder. but I punched it wrong so I ended up with 2 fronts instead of a front & a back. It makes a good guide for punching so I gave one to her and kept one for myself.


Now it’s time for the fun part:


I wanted to give her a lot of pockets to hold papers and stuff.

This double pocket folder is for my niece’s school stuff. I had decided I wanted to keep the outside edge of the pocket, so I cut it down using a 2016 page as a guide. I made sure I was in the bottom right corner when cutting. I used paper cutters because I can’t cut a straight line. scissors would work as well.


I then joined the two pieced together with more Dollar Tree Washi. I used a school design even tho it didn’t match so she could find it easily.
I also cut the flaps at an angle so they wouldn’t be caught when I hole punched it.

I made a plain one that I intended to be used for stuff related to my brother.  I used the “most masculine washi I had”  🙂 The folder I had cut down was slots for a business card. So I covered it with a Star Wars sticker. It’s pretty boring.



Since I don’t know she will be using it, I wanted to provide her a variety of methods to store stuff.

This first Pocket is very simple. It’s a cardboard folder cut down and a pocket created using double-sided adhesive tape.


The next one is more complicated. It’s made of 2 folders placed together so they form 3 pockets. they don’t go that great together, but it was the best I have.


It’s hard to tell in this photo, but you can see the center pocket here.


For my own planner, I do a variation, but I start with the pocket like the green one and add a solid cardstock divider – so I get 2 pockets instead of 3.


what’s a planner without stickies?

This first set came with my planner since I had bought a box kit with extras, but I gave it to her.


But that’s not nearly enough stickies.

I found this sticky note set at Walmart – it was hole punched for a standard 3 ring binder, so I covered the ends  with washi.


There’s enough room on the back for a few of these to-do list stickies also from walmart.



These stickies are from dollar tree. (I bought my own set of the “sticker notes” and I don’t like them – they leave residue)


And since you don’t want to carry a whole pad of stickies in your planner. I made her this little sticky organizer. She can carry whatever stickies she needs and keep the rest at home.



And since I’ve given into my love of stickers, I had to convert her.

I gave her an assortment of Happy Planner stickers. (I have value packs so I pulled out a few pages for her)


Random planner stickers some from the Dollar Tree


and some from Amazon.


Random little stickers to decorate or to use however she feels.


Colorful alphabet stickers.


Stickers to put reminders of her vet appointments etc.



Booklet holder

I didn’t know if she used a devotional or ever had a need to carry a small booklet with her, but I made this – just in case. I didn’t do a very good job, but I gave it to her anyway.  (You can see how it would work in the second photo.)




She’s going to need to find her page, so I made her this bookmark. It can also act as a dashboard if she puts sticky notes on it.



For pens, pencils and misc, I made her this case. It’s actually a dollar store cosmetic bag combined with a dollar store headband. She can easily loop it over her planner to have it with her where ever she’s at.



Note: Elastic ribbon is much easier to work with then this. It’s basically a giant pony tail holder and when I cut it the satin started to unravel. So I ended up breaking out the hot glue gun and the double-sided adhesive tape to secure it.
This is basically how it works with the elastic ribbon.

  • Cut off the wrist strap.
  • On both sides of the case, cut a very small slit.
  • use a bobby pin or a yard needle to thread the ribbon thru the slit.
  • Tie a knot.
  • Figure out ribbon length by making it either exactly the right size or slightly smaller then it needs to be to go around the planner without stretching.
  • cut the ribbon.
  • thread the ribbon thru the other hole
  • tie a knot

It’s way too convoluted to explain how to do it with giant pony tail holder. Just get elastic ribbon, either from craft store/section or from hair accessories.

And of course, she needs stuff to put in it. the paper clips came from walmart and everything else came from the Dollar Tree. Not pictured were some cute dollar store pens that I forgot to include.


All the stickers go together nicely in a dollar store document envelope.  (except the alphabet stickers, but she can cut them down to fit if she wants to – I did).


Extra pages (including some of the Home Planner extension pack (I kept the parts I wanted) go in another envelope.



Everything fit into the box my planner came in – with some squishing. So it looked nice when she opened it.


She was quite pleased at it. The only thing I regret was that I didn’t know her favorite colors were black and hot pink. If I had known, I would have raided Dollar Store for hot pink anything, but since hot pink is such a bold color, I limited it to the one I made for my niece’s stuff since i wanted it to be seen easily.

She took it to work that night and her coworkers wanted me to make them one also. 🙂


she was pleased that it was pretty, practical and of course the effort I spent. It was definitely a Christmas win for me 🙂

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Today, a video occurred to me that I left out of my fav christian songs post.

I love this song “Goodly Heritage” since my sister first read me the lyrics. My siblings were gonna sing it and record it for me to use in the music video for my parents 50th anniversary dinner. but we decided instead to just have me do a video from my sister’s Goodly Heritage CD. (I believe we even got permission since she knows them)
my sister said there was no way she could sing it without crying. (I think this was the video that made my brother “mr. tough guy” cry at the anniversary.)

This song fits my parents so perfectly. I really do have a goodly heritage. my parents weren’t/aren’t perfect because they’re godly not God. But when I heard this song, I thought “how do they know Mom & Dad?”  the answer is clear, it’s because they have similar parents.

I rewatched my video today and it made me tear up. Probably because of Daddy being Home (with a capital H), and because I’m now a grand-aunt and I know the importance of passing on that goodly heritage.

This link goes to a video of my family. If you know my last name, you can watch the video.

In the meantime, here is an acapella version of just the song.


Here are the lyrics:

I may not have riches as some others may
But I have a mother who knows how to pray
There may be some things I’ve missed in my youth
But I have a father who stands for the truth


I have a goodly heritage
I’m blessed with things you can’t see
I have a goodly heritage
And that is worth far more to me

And if in the future, my parents pass on,
To dwell in that City, we’ve come to call Home
They may not leave me the wealth of this world
But I will inherit their God and His Word


When problems plague you and troubles rage on.
just look at your children who’ll bear your name on.
Someday they’ll walk down the same path you’re on
and they’ll need a witness that his grace is strong.

They need a goodly heritage.
they’ll look at you and press on
they’ll say my folks stay faithful.
in that strength they can carry on

I have a goodly heritage
I want for them the same thing.
I have a goodly heritage
that’s something worth passing on.

now, that’s something worth passing on.

I sing; I love to sing; but I don’t sing well. I make a “joyful noise” emphasis on the noise. But I love music, I don’t listen to it as much as I used to because I realized I was singing along at work and it wasn’t quite under my breath.

I don’t understand how people can have 1 favorite song. I have so many.  Every so often, I get the urge to share my favorite songs. Normally, it’s a million shares. But this time I decided to do a post.

These are Christian songs/hymns etc that I love. I’ll probably add more as others occur to me.  Many of them have been my favorites for years. The videos below aren’t necessarily the best video or even the version I  think of when I sing (several are family versions so my version might be ) but they’re online.

I’m Gonna Sing

This song more then anything seems to make me show the Joy of the Lord that is in me. I just love it. I’m a dried up Baptist, but this song gets me moving. I sing it loud & badly and I’m moving my arms & my head in my own idea of rhythm so it’s a good thing I listen alone. This is probably the  newest addition to my favorites list.

God’s Perfect Lamb

This song I’ve loved since the first time I heard it. I love the music and the words. (I’m more all about the words then anything else). I want to translate this into Korean. (there’s not a Korean translation, but the owners are Ok with me translating it – if I send them the translation)

He is King

This song isn’t a great favorite, but it came to mind today and the lyrics would be easier to translate.

Symphony of Praise

This is another favorite. I haven’t listened to it in ages. Love it.  (He was one of my favorite singers growing up. It’s also awesome in Spanish. (I had his Spanish albums as well.)

When I get Carried Away

This is along the same as first one. It gets me moving. tho typicallly just toe-tapping. I can actually listen to this one in public.

The Victor

This is my Easter song. I love love love it.

God is Still Good

I heard this song (or a version of it) for the first time going to see my dad at the hospital. I listened to it probably 10 times in a row. It’s an old song so it’s strange that I hadn’t heard it before. The music isn’t my favorite style (little twangy) – but the lyrics are what I needed.

He’s Alive

I love this song. When I took vocal lessons, I wanted to sing it. (teacher wanted me to sing in public) I obviously don’t have the ability to sing this well (especially in Public) because it requires letting loose.

Because He Lives

Yet another favorite of mine thru the years. I haven’t heard this version before but it’s Ok. It’s kinda slow but singable. (I don’t care for the versions where they go so high on “reigns” ) There are millions of Because He Lives videos on YT – pick one that you like 🙂

This is a very good version in Korean.  It’s the tempo I like. (but she can go pretty high which isn’t my favorite because I can’t)

I Repent

The lyrics to this are so powerful. It never fails to convict me.

Hallelujah Chorus

I was going to end there but I have to share my all time favorite. Since I can’t sing, I just pick a part and sing. Tho sometimes I sign it. It’s beautiful signed.

This is not the sign language I was looking for but it’s awesome.

I’m really enjoying my Brother ScanNCut. I’m learning a lot. Here are some of the projects I’ve done recently and also some organization things I came up with. My SNC storage drawer is getting quite full.

ScanNCut Projects

  • I’ve redone my Pandorica box – this one is made from paper with photos’s of the moon’s surface  on it so it looks cooler and actually opens. It’s big enough that I can store my standees in it but the lid won’t close all the way.
  • I’ve also adapted an gift tag tutorial into a holder for mending kits – and then I further adapted it so that the hole is the star trek insignia. (what can I say? I’m a geek.)
  • Today I tried something new. Layering vinyl. The pig rabbit below is made of 4 colors of vinyl. It’s not perfect but I had the idea of adding a little random shape to each color in the same spot so I can use it to align everything and save vinyl. It didn’t quite work out like I had planned so I have more ideas for next time.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it – it’s permanent adhesive so I have sticker anxiety. 😀 As a kid, I never wanted to put my stickers anywhere in case I changed my mind.
  • The Wonder Woman eagle below is a test. It’s just going to decorate the box I store my Wonder Woman costume in, and the full size version will be cut out of heat transfer vinyl to make me a new shirt. I’m hoping it can work on an athletic tee so I can swim in it – but I’m not holding out hope.  I think I’ll need to get a special HTV for that
  • Yesterday, my sister and I created a bunch of  onesie designs (stencils and a couple glitter HTV) for my new grandniece (great-niece? – I never can remember). I don’t have photos. When I say we, I mean I did most of it but she weeded and had final call on fonts etc. This is when I realized how annoying it is to try to turn normal fonts into a stencil font.



This weekend I had some idea for organization.

  • I’ve decided to start using that ugly paper that I have so much of. For some reason, K&Company thinks stained wallpaper designs deserves to be in a Best of Book so I’m stuck with quite a lot (I didn’t look closely enough before buying. Some of it is quite pretty but the majority of that book is ugly. Before my sister came Saturday, I cut out the designs I had created on Friday by that time in the ugly paper so she could see what they would look like and we could fine-tune wording & fonts.  (no pictures – sorry). I also drew the wording we were going to use for glitter HTV on the back of an ugly sheet so we could see how much to cut off the roll. That piece of paper is now separating my possibly useable craft paper scraps from the “what am I going to do with all these” scraps.
  • Earlier this week, I was showing my sister my ScanNcut as we planned and I lost the protective cover to my old mat.  As a temporary solution I covered it with transparencies. But on Saturday, I had a brainstorm. I took a piece of that ugly paper and covered it with Contact Paper (both sides) – now I have a cover that will be hard to lose. (I bet the cover went behind the craft cabinets.)
  • My new mat is looking pretty ragged after the workout we put it thru. We used both mats because we discovered that freezer paper didn’t like too many curves & it would rip so we used transparencies (I have a random box leftover from a project) for those. But I decided to decorate my new mat’s protective cover with bits of vinyl so I can spot it easily. That’s a Star Trek TOS Science’s communicator fail pictured.
  • Yesterday, I had to keep flipping my computer around so my sister could see the fonts I had selected. For some of them, she kept changing her mind (can you show me the other font again?) They started running together so today I made a Font Book for my wall. Well, it’s a font book if a font book can be 3 pages and be taped to a wall. (actually, the pages shown are taped to my window shade).
    Those are the Canvas built-in fonts upper & lower case drawn on the backside of ugly paper. I have a numerals as well – but that’s on a different section of wall.  I did uppercase first and it worked out well because I was able to choose the width of the text blocks and then the lowercase & numerals had the same height to make comparison easy.  I pasted in the quick brown fox sentence & Canvas got rid of all the spaces, which actually worked out quite well since I was able to select/delete/paste easily.
  • My main ScanNcut stuff is a plastic drawer unit – that’s where the manuals, vinyl and mats (and the rhinestone kit I’ll never use) is stored. My tools (I bought the Cricut set and it’s great) are stored in a dollar store pencil box. My brayer goes in a basket cause that can be used for other crafts as well.
  • When I first got the ScanNCut, I made myself a notebook so I can store the settings I need for each type of material. It & a pen fits neatly in the pencil box as well. I got the bright idea today to start taping my test cuts to the page so I can see what the thickness was for comparison.

Anyway that’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to instead of doing what I should be doing (mainly laundry). I’m totally considering decorating a Tee shirt with the pig rabbit on it in Heat Transfer Vinyl. 🙂 Or even a polo so I can wear it to work. 🙂 & maybe a wonder woman polo as well. 🙂


Rant: TV Bad Guys

Why is it that bad guys on television always store all their data on a secret partition on their hard drive or a password protected folder? Is it just so the quirky, IT girl can crack the password dramatically saving the day somehow? They need to make life more difficult for the good guys: even quirky IT girls.

If I were a TV bad guy, and I had top secret data, maybe it’s the photos of Ronald McDonald eating a whopper that I’m using for blackmail or whatever, I’m not leaving it on any computer, phone or tablet for quirky IT girls to hack when I’m not there. Flash drives and SD Cards, which are only accessed via a guest account – that gets automatically wiped every time it shuts down, are the way to go. Heck, with Macs & the size of flash drives now a days, I could have the BadGuy user acct be on the flash drive.  Flash drive stays on my person; probably in disguise.

The SD card backups (128 GB minimum) can be hidden anywhere.  I’d probably have 2. One would be behind a baseboard, behind the medicine cabinet, light fixture or otherwise well hidden – it’s my longterm TimeMachine backup that I only access every so often to update. and the other would be labeled 4 gb (easy enough to fake) and placed in a crappy old camera, with some landscape shots (taken with that camera) in the default directory.

Cameras have functions to wipe cards automatically. Not difficult to run – not that secure but who would pay attention? If I see TV cops at my house, the flash drive gets tossed into a handy sewer (or hidden to retrieve later if I can do it safely).  If I can’t it’s disguised enough not to be completely obvious what it is.

The camera with the short-term backup card is almost hidden in plain sight but not quite – and definitely not in the same room with the computer stuff. That’s where the good guys will be focusing.  In a storage area with random old junk. (I’ll keep diatomaceous earth handy if I need to add more dust to the box when I put it away – it’s just a green way to kill bugs so that’s not suspicious a fan blowing would help the dust placement.) If I can, I’ll swap out the memory card with a fake that looks identical. Else I hope it doesn’t get noticed.  Another possibility is formatting it multiple times using the camera’s function.  This would only work if I can access the storage room when I say I’m going to the bathroom.

And of course, my long term storage is hidden safely away where it would be darn impossible to find; and preferably somewhere that a normal warrant wouldn’t cover. I’m the TV bad guy; what do I care about the rule of law and complying with warrants.

Another option for keeping the LT backup away from the TV good guys. Multiple PO Boxes in a different name, and just forward it around the country; eventually, it returns and I update it and then start the cycle all over again for the price of a stamp. this is also a way to get rid of the USB drive temporarily.

And if I were a really smart TV bad guy, I’d make it so that the flash drive and SD cards would look for each other and wouldn’t operate properly without the other.

One way or another, I’d confound the quirky IT girl  & the TV good guys and she wouldn’t be able to save the day so I’d be freed and be able to change to blackmailing the Taco Bell Dog for eating Pizza hut. They’d have to catch me accessing my stuff (and of course, my wifi would be disabled when I use it) for the TV good guys to triumph.

It’s a good thing I’m not a TV bad guy, cause if I can come up with this in the shower who knows what I could come up with if this was my full time job. 😀

Rant over. 😀