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Doctor Who Mini-Standees and Pandorica

It’s no secret that I’m a geek. It’s also no secret that I love Doctor Who. And since this blog is called The Inept Seamstress, you’d expect I’d have some type of crafting ability.

I don’t. Not really.  But I’m good with computers. So I ordered a Brother ScanNcut for some of my projects. It sat barely used for months until I got this idea.

I made Doctor Who PaperDolls – or if you prefer, mini-Standees. I took some promo photos, and added a paper doll base (half-circle) in Photoshop, printed them on photo paper, then uses my Xyron adhesive roller machine thingy to attach them to some card I had lying around (notebook covers) and then cut it out using my ScanNCut.
If you want to steal this idea, make sure you Scan to Data first so you can check everything carefully, and if necessary fix it in Canvas. Whatever you do, don’t eject your mat while you’re trying to fix the cutting file.  It may not come in the same position. Also try not to move your object around while fixing it in Canvas.

I totally screwed up the Pandorica, but I was able to recover. It was a 2 part cube with spiral cut out. Each part of the cube was a top and 2 sides with tabs to connect them.
The first half around I forgot to connect the spiral to the cube so it had a circle cut out. I used my Xyron to apply adhesive to it and I stuck it on green cardstock. Green because my reference photos were showing green ragged spirals.
The second time around I fixed that and I remembered to mirror the cutting file so it would have a bottom. What I hadn’t paid attention to was the paper template I had adapted had 2 tabs on 1 side. Unfortunately, the tab with the slits was on the other half and they didn’t line up,  I’ve since redone the cutting file so I would have it for the future.

Unfortunately, I didn’t use enough glue on the spiral on the fixed one (I was afraid of making a mess), so that may show wear.

If I were properly crafty, I would have made it out of a dark gray or stone print paper and/or would have used ink to age/texture it, but I used what I had. It’s still cool even with all the mistakes.

I may decide to upload the cutting file (fcm) if any fellows geeks are interested.

I did a music video using some video I took and the below photos. It’s not that great but you might find it funny/touching.


This is gallery of all my creations and detailed photos of the Pandora


Doctor Who Quiz NoteBook

This is my first paper craft how-to kinda. Please excuse the poor quality photos and please learn from my mistakes.

I bought something I’ve been wanting for awhile: a wire binder. Mine is called the Zutter Bind-it-All.


I did a quick play with it and my first “notebook” was very bad (I think I know how to use it now). but this is my first real project. I have the Official Doctor Who Quiz Book. I’ve had it for a while, but I never really did anything cause I didn’t want to mark in it. I had decided to buy a blue notebook to put my answers in, but when I got the Bind-It-All, I decided to do one better. I made a custom notebook for it. Not only is the cover custom, but so is the content. I scanned in the table of contents, and OCRed it to extract the titles of the quizzes.

I had to clean up the OCR, and since I was in a hurry, I didn’t do that great. (missed a few misspellings).

Then in Word, I formatted it so the title of each Quiz was at the top of the page, and each page had 15 lines. I had originally formatted it in Word (during lunch break)  for an 8.5×11 page, but when I got home I changed it to 5.5×8.5 in OpenOffice. I didn’t bother with too much reformatting so the quiz titles bounce around a little (e.g, they don’t all line up the same because of the titles of the sections etc). Here is a sample page.



If I thought about it, I would have originally formatted in Word for the smaller paper, and also forced pagination where I wanted it, so there would be no “bouncing.”  I was in a hurry, so it’s not perfect, but it’s OK.   I wanted a title page, so I did this. It’s boring as all get out, but it’s OK.  I also punched all the pages.



But the fun part is the covers:

This is Tennant’s TARDIS, because 10 is my Doctor. 😀

I think I’m most proud of the inside covers, it is the rondels. It took me about 3 hours in photoshop to make this.  My first print out was too pink, so I adjusted it to this which I think is pretty perfect. I decided to keep my pinkey cover for the back (more on that later) because I didn’t want to waste the paper & ink.

I had originally intended to make the TARDIS outside covers out of craft paper (and then construction paper when I couldn’t find “Bluest Blue” craft paper), but I realized I’m nowhere near crafty enough for that.  I had created a TARDIS binder cover years ago, but I couldn’t find the PSD file. (that was several computers and hard drive crashes ago). I was going to recreate it (I was so dreading it) when I found this: someone had created a TARDIS PSD for other fans.

I only have Photoshop Elements, so I can’t tell you how fully how cool it is but it is very very cool. I flattened it, cropped it, covered the St. john’s ambulance seal because it wasn’t on Tennant’s TARDIS (and the lock – just cause), added a blue background and ended up with this.


Because I’m inept at anything crafty, I also bought lots of gadgets for this project. the key piece (other then the BIA) was a Xyron Creative Station to turn the paper for the covers into a giant sticker.  (I knew I’d make a mess with glue.) I was going to make the back first so I could mess up a little.

I had already cut the chipboard into cover size pieces, I also cut down the covers pieces and sent them through the Xyron. (I don’t have pictures of this because I was having difficulty with the machine)

I had previously marked on the white side of the paper where the TARDIS was so I could line it up perfectly. I then removed the protective cover from the adhesive, carefully placed it down. then I folded down the corners and all four sides. I should have clipped the corners but I forgot so the corners are bulkier then I had wanted.



Now for the inside cover,  I carefully placed my oops rondel paper and smoothed it. IMG_0703

Then I went to punch it. Oops, I had punched it the wrong way so it was going to have to be the front cover. 😦 (Remember place front towards the handle)

I repeated the steps for the back cover and then I made my big problem. I had decided to modpodge it for protection. I had never used modpodge except for a quick test to see which one I wanted to use (I got a sampler). Because my printer is an inkjet, the ink ran some. and in a few places, it even came off. I decided it was almost OK because it looked like it came through a time war. 🙂


I did a better job on the inside covers because I was learning as I went. and the backs are more forgiving.


Now to Bind it. I remembered to place the back cover on the front to make it look nicer. (I got white rings on sale (100 for $17 – so I’ll be using them a lot)



IMG_0713 (after I took this photo, I remembered to start on the end, and to go quickly.)

This is so cool. I think it came out pretty great. (other then the modpodge failure). But next time, I think I’ll pay to have it printed on a laser printer instead of my little inkjet.