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ScanNCut projects & organization

I’m really enjoying my Brother ScanNCut. I’m learning a lot. Here are some of the projects I’ve done recently and also some organization things I came up with. My SNC storage drawer is getting quite full.

ScanNCut Projects

  • I’ve redone my Pandorica box – this one is made from paper with photos’s of the moon’s surface  on it so it looks cooler and actually opens. It’s big enough that I can store my standees in it but the lid won’t close all the way.
  • I’ve also adapted an gift tag tutorial into a holder for mending kits – and then I further adapted it so that the hole is the star trek insignia. (what can I say? I’m a geek.)
  • Today I tried something new. Layering vinyl. The pig rabbit below is made of 4 colors of vinyl. It’s not perfect but I had the idea of adding a little random shape to each color in the same spot so I can use it to align everything and save vinyl. It didn’t quite work out like I had planned so I have more ideas for next time.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it – it’s permanent adhesive so I have sticker anxiety. 😀 As a kid, I never wanted to put my stickers anywhere in case I changed my mind.
  • The Wonder Woman eagle below is a test. It’s just going to decorate the box I store my Wonder Woman costume in, and the full size version will be cut out of heat transfer vinyl to make me a new shirt. I’m hoping it can work on an athletic tee so I can swim in it – but I’m not holding out hope.  I think I’ll need to get a special HTV for that
  • Yesterday, my sister and I created a bunch of  onesie designs (stencils and a couple glitter HTV) for my new grandniece (great-niece? – I never can remember). I don’t have photos. When I say we, I mean I did most of it but she weeded and had final call on fonts etc. This is when I realized how annoying it is to try to turn normal fonts into a stencil font.



This weekend I had some idea for organization.

  • I’ve decided to start using that ugly paper that I have so much of. For some reason, K&Company thinks stained wallpaper designs deserves to be in a Best of Book so I’m stuck with quite a lot (I didn’t look closely enough before buying. Some of it is quite pretty but the majority of that book is ugly. Before my sister came Saturday, I cut out the designs I had created on Friday by that time in the ugly paper so she could see what they would look like and we could fine-tune wording & fonts.  (no pictures – sorry). I also drew the wording we were going to use for glitter HTV on the back of an ugly sheet so we could see how much to cut off the roll. That piece of paper is now separating my possibly useable craft paper scraps from the “what am I going to do with all these” scraps.
  • Earlier this week, I was showing my sister my ScanNcut as we planned and I lost the protective cover to my old mat.  As a temporary solution I covered it with transparencies. But on Saturday, I had a brainstorm. I took a piece of that ugly paper and covered it with Contact Paper (both sides) – now I have a cover that will be hard to lose. (I bet the cover went behind the craft cabinets.)
  • My new mat is looking pretty ragged after the workout we put it thru. We used both mats because we discovered that freezer paper didn’t like too many curves & it would rip so we used transparencies (I have a random box leftover from a project) for those. But I decided to decorate my new mat’s protective cover with bits of vinyl so I can spot it easily. That’s a Star Trek TOS Science’s communicator fail pictured.
  • Yesterday, I had to keep flipping my computer around so my sister could see the fonts I had selected. For some of them, she kept changing her mind (can you show me the other font again?) They started running together so today I made a Font Book for my wall. Well, it’s a font book if a font book can be 3 pages and be taped to a wall. (actually, the pages shown are taped to my window shade).
    Those are the Canvas built-in fonts upper & lower case drawn on the backside of ugly paper. I have a numerals as well – but that’s on a different section of wall.  I did uppercase first and it worked out well because I was able to choose the width of the text blocks and then the lowercase & numerals had the same height to make comparison easy.  I pasted in the quick brown fox sentence & Canvas got rid of all the spaces, which actually worked out quite well since I was able to select/delete/paste easily.
  • My main ScanNcut stuff is a plastic drawer unit – that’s where the manuals, vinyl and mats (and the rhinestone kit I’ll never use) is stored. My tools (I bought the Cricut set and it’s great) are stored in a dollar store pencil box. My brayer goes in a basket cause that can be used for other crafts as well.
  • When I first got the ScanNCut, I made myself a notebook so I can store the settings I need for each type of material. It & a pen fits neatly in the pencil box as well. I got the bright idea today to start taping my test cuts to the page so I can see what the thickness was for comparison.

Anyway that’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to instead of doing what I should be doing (mainly laundry). I’m totally considering decorating a Tee shirt with the pig rabbit on it in Heat Transfer Vinyl. 🙂 Or even a polo so I can wear it to work. 🙂 & maybe a wonder woman polo as well. 🙂