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Hijinks Ensue

Random List of drama Recs – in an assortment of categories.
You’re Beautiful
Trainee nun disguises herself as her twin brother in a famous boy band. Hijinks ensue. Note there are Japanese and Taiwanese versions of this as well. As far as I know, only Fabulous Boys (Taiwanese) is available from normal channels.
Master’s Sun
A woman who sees ghosts meets a man whose touch sends the ghosts away. Hijinks ensue.
Greatest Love/Best Love
A-list celebrity falls in love with a D-list celebrity who wants nothing to do with him. Hijinks ensue.
Queen InHyun’s Man
A man from the past is sent into modern day Seoul. He meets an actress who plays the queen he vows to protect. Hijinks of a time bending nature ensue.
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (9 tailed fox)
Arrogant boy meets mythical creature who says he must be her boyfriend & feed her “cow” or she’ll eat his liver. Hijinks ensue.
A bunch of misfit HS students (including a celebrity) form a band. Hijinks ensue. (Dramafever subs had added vile profanity; it may have been corrected, but I still suggest watching on Viki)
A “night messenger” meets a woman while being paid to collect her DNA. He then hired to protect her and goes undercover as a dork to protect her. Hijinks ensue.
Shan Shan Likes to Eat/Boss and Me (Chinese)
A woman with a specific bloodtype helps out her boss’s sister who was on the verge of death by donating blood. In gratitude, he feeds her and feeds her until he falls in love with her (or was it vice versa). Hijinks ensue. (note – I believe they move in together & hide it from her parents)
The only Chinese drama I’ve seen so it’s the only one I can recommend.
City Hunter
Man raised in jungle (literally) goes to Seoul to take revenge on the people who he believes had his father killed. His adoptive (drug-running) father wants him to kill them but he refuses. While undercover in the Korean version of the White House, he meets a woman in the secret service. Hijinks of a revenge nature ensue. Based on an Anime I believe. But Healer is better. 🙂
Running Man
My absolute favorite variety show. Chinese version is called Run Brother but I don’t know where it’s available. You can watch Running Man on DramaFever or on YouTube (Dramafever uploaded some really good fan subs and then theirs – which aren’t that great). Some eps are available on Viki.
Jackie Chan was on an episode. He’s adorable. You can see his hijinks below.


New Project…Maybe…Potato Star Recap – Intro

I think I’m going to recap the kdrama sitcom Potato Star. I haven’t fully decided yet and even if I start, I make no promises that I’ll finish it. It is at 107 of 120 eps and I’m only on Ep 70.  But I decided to start with introductions of the main characters etc.

Background/Why I Started Watching

Rich man/poor woman, living together, disapproving parents, mustache twirling bad guys, birth secrets, amnesia, poop jokes – it pretty much has all the Kdramas tropes. I don’t drink, but I think you’d get sloshed playing a kdrama drinking game in just 1 ep. (OK, maybe one week of 4 eps)

Why did I decide to start watching this? Well, 1st I didn’t realize it was a sitcom until I was a few episodes in. Else, I think I would’ve said “Pass.” but the real reason was the cast. Some of my favorite actors are in it, so I had to try.

I’ll tell you something, it wasn’t because of the Plot. I knew nothing about the plot (side note: I seem to enjoy dramas more when I don’t know what to expect). I think I thought it was about a metaphorical star (celebrity) and something involving potatoes. Nope, there is a real star (well, asteroid) that is shaped like a potato.  I won’t say anymore about that right now.

Differences between US sitcoms & kdrama sitcoms

This is my first Kdrama sitcom (I’m not counting Vampire Idol cause I don’t think it was a normal Kdrama sitcom), and it really is eyeopening.  I don’t really like US sitcoms (well with a few exceptions, e.g., Hogan’s Heroes), but this isn’t really what I think of a sitcom.

A couple differences:

  • Length. It is almost as long as a US 1 hr show because they don’t have to make it shorter for commercials.
  • Plot complexity.  The sitcoms I grew up with were the ones like “Cosby Show” and “Full House.” You know the kind, all problems are fixed in 30 minutes (including commercials), the kids were also the center of show.
  • Saccharine. I liked “Full House” as a kid, but even I knew how saccharine it was.  My sisters and I would try to guess when the “aww” track would start playing.  The Dad said something touching or the baby did something cute, cue the “awws.”   This fakeness is probably why I don’t like sitcoms, now. There is nothing saccharine (especially involving the kids) in this show.
  • Callbacks/Continuity. I wasn’t expecting how often the past was brought up.  Either a throw away line referencing something, or a plot that I swore had been dropped would get mentioned.  One ep in particular had a 30 minutes & done plot, but a dozen or so eps later, there was a line referencing it. A major plot line got reintroduced many eps later, and then dropped again, but I expect it will be brought up again. This happened continually. US sitcoms would bring people in (or issues) for one ep and then they’d never be heard of again, or “facts” regarding characters would be changed completely to fit a later plot. I’m not saying there aren’t some plot holes; there are, but you definitely feel there is method to the madness/overarching plot.

Stuff I like about it

  • Even tho most of it is totally exaggerated, you can get a feel for some Korean cultural aspects, that you can’t really see in romcoms. Like the importance of New Years bows to kids (bows = money).  I love learning about cultures so I love learning little things or seeing things that fill in the holes.
  • The cast. They are really awesome. I think I’m going to dedicate a whole post to them.
  • MinHyuk. I love him. And the actor (I’ll look up his name later) did such a good job of playing a 6 year old in a adult’s body.
  • The couples. Ok, not so much Julian and Mina – they’re kinda annoying. But HongBerg & JinAh are so cute. (Kinda remind me of the DaGuen DaGuen couple from Gag Concert)
  • It’s fluffy. I like fluff. I know I won’t have to go too long without some funny or cuteness.
EDIT – I will not be recapping this because they ruined the ending.

You’re Beautiful – The Musical (뮤지컬 미남이시네요) Recap, Review and General Babble

There will be YouTube Videos sprinkled throughout (I’ve never embedded vids before, so should be interesting). 1 video will appear multiple times because it is basically a clip show. Unfortunately, the videos do not have English subs. I would Love to have them subtitled or at least the English lyrics for the new songs. I also want the OST and to rewatch (over and over and over) The Musical with subtitles. Preferably DVD so I can add to my You’re Beautiful collection, but if one one of the streaming sites got the rights, they would be my best buddy, forever and ever and ever.


In fact, I’ll do this, I’ll make (or probably have made – I’m a bad cook) lots of pig rabbit cookies for whoever provides the whole musical subbed. I’ll even send them to Korea or wherever. So someone who speaks Korean – go tell the Sejong Center & the Hong Sisters & SBS or anyone. I’m fully aware this is a bribe, but I’m OK with that. Dramafever & Viki, how about gingerbread pigrabbits for Christmas? Please work your magic. (Aegyo pout)

Background: (skippable)

As I’ve said many many times to anyone who would listen and many who just want me to shut up, You’re Beautiful is my favorite kdrama and my 2nd favorite TV show (Doctor Who is #1). This year, I got the idea of going to Korea in October (not that I had a passport, plan, or anything like that); but it was an idea in the back of my head.Then one (fateful) June morning, I saw on FaceBook this poster, announcing a You’re Beautiful Musical in August/September at the Sejong Center’s M Theatre.428464_465127603515775_2128487556_n


I went all over the net that morning (was late for work) to get information and then told my boss “hey, I’m going to be going out the country in August/September–I’ll let you know the exact dates.” That didn’t go over very well. There was a big project that they had apparently scheduled for then, and they wanted me to do it. I compromised. I left a week earlier then I had planned – I was off work for 3 weeks, but I really was in Korea only 14 full days. During the last month or so before I left, I watched & rewatched the videos of the musical that were on Youtube. I didn’t have a clue how a 16 hr drama could be condensed into a 2 hr musical, but I wanted to follow along as much as I could when I went. I know the drama practically by heart so that wasn’t a concern.

Fast forward to August 25th, my 1st Saturday in Korea, I was wiped from jet leg, but I went to the 2PM matinee. Side Note: I had seen all the curtain call videos on YouTube, so I thought video recording was allowed (which seemed weird), so I decided to try to tape it for my own personal use so I could watch again and again. I ended up bringing my monopod with me to the theatre, but forgot my camera, which turned out to be OK, since no cameras were allowed. Apparently, it is a thing to video tape curtain calls in Korea (maybe just in general).

I was 2nd row; about 2 seats from center. Score. The girl next to me videotaped the curtain call, but I can’t find it on YouTube. This may have been taped that day.

FYI, I’ve taken pictures of scenes from my playbook from the musical (no infringement is intended). They aren’t very good – I’ll try to get better ones soon. If you want more pictures then do a web search for images “뮤지컬 미남이시네요,” (there are lots out there, but I didn’t know the proper way to use them and still give appropriate credit when many of the sites seem to be no longer live.)

Some interesting photos are here:

Basic You’re Beautiful plot

Trainee nun masquerades as her brother in a boy band. The other 3 members fall in love with her (1 before he knows she is a girl), and then funny stuff, romantic stuff, and angst stuff occurs. Won’t say anymore just go watch it. I’ll wait.

Ok now that you’re back. The rest of this review contains spoilers to either the drama or the Musical. I apologize – I meant to write this while it was fresh in my head after I returned home in September, but real life got in the way. Good thing Raine reminded me.


Go MiNyu/Go MiNam – I’ll just call her MiNam, but that is really her brother’s name. Trainee Nun, kinda dense but very sweet.

Hwang TaeKyung – Lead Singer (1st Lead); Jerk (aka HyungNim).

ShinWoo – Guitar Player; Nice Guy.

Jeremy – Drummer; Overgrown child. Has a difficult time when he realizes he is attracted to MiNam (who he thinks is a guy)

Hye-Yi – Singer. Likes TaeKyung, blackmails him with her knowledge that MiNam is really MiNyu into being her “boyfriend”

Manager Ma – The one who thought up the whole scheme. Liar.

President Ahn – President of their label.

TaeKyung’s Mom – abandoned him because she was in love with MiNam’s dad (I’m really not certain how much this was part of the musical). Major cause of angst in the drama.

The Musical

I’m doing this recap from memory. Unfortunately, I saw in August and it is now November. You do the Math.


Act 1

It opens with Manager Ma running thru the theatre chasing a nun (MiNyu), there is a huge comic chase scene where she blends in to a crowd of nuns going around in a circle and he disappears in the midst & reappears dressed as a nun. He gets her to agree to be MiNam for 1 show (apparently). I’m not sure how, but she does a great job even tho she appears without practicing with the rest.

She meets AN Jell backstage and goes to a big after party, where she gets incredibly drunk. Somewhere in the process, Mgr Ma tells her that she has to be MiNam for a month including live with them. He does the whole he can’t close his eyes thing, and lies a major guilt trip on him.

Eventually, she wanders into the restroom (men/women) where TaeKyung is washing his hands and runs into him literally. She then pukes on him, pulls out her breast wrap triumphantly, and passes out. He freaks out and sings a song about her being a woman, while background singers sing and dance (kinda, more like enter/exit bathroom stalls) in the background. This scene goes from 0:41 to 1:25 in the video below.

I may be missing a scene here because I can’t remember what happens next. And how they get TaeKyung to keep her secret.

TaeKyung is in his room writing a song (I think he dreams this whole scene until he sits on the bed), which sounds remarkably like Without Words (말도 없이) and begins the same, but then is completely different. I really, really want to know what it says because 말도 없이 is one of my favorite songs. I think he fantasizes a version of himself (doesn’t look like him at all – but wears his dance clothes) dancing to it.

As he goes to write it down/wakes up, he says a hand sneaking up. For some reason, MiNam is hiding behind his bed. He tells her to leave and then finds out that they are going to be roomies. This is also when Jeremy finds out that he is attracted to her/him. I’m not sure when ShinWoo realizes or finds out that he is a she. In any case, both want to be roomies with MiNam.

After they leave, Manager Ma makes his escape as well. (Literally.) TaeKyung goes into his bunnies are dangerous speech (because of her bunny tee), and ends up calling her pigrabbit. He writes a new song (and falls asleep holding it), MiNam sees it, picks up some of the sheet music, and ends up trying to sing it because she likes it so much. She wakes up TaeKyung and apologizes – who tells her to sing it. They have a duet (really pretty song) and then he throws a fit and crumples & throws away the sheet music and storms out. She salvages the song and puts it into her suitcase.

This clip goes from 1:25 to 2:40 in the 1st video below. The 2nd video is the complete song

The order of the next few bits are uncertain. I think this is the order i happens, but big grain of salt.

They do a MV where TaeKyung is supposed to be tortured (the whole stick thru the leg thing) (Hye-yi is the love interest) and MiNam freaks out at the torture. The director of the MV decides that MiNam is really pretty for a guy and gives her Hye-yi’s role because “he” is such a great actor. Yep. It is a girl pretending to be a guy pretending to be a girl. Hye-yi isn’t happy (I’m not sure if she knows that MiNam is a girl before or during this bit.)

This may happen before the MV scene, but I think it is later. In any case, there is a press conference/party that everyone is at. Hye-yi tells TaeKyung that she is going to tell everyone that MiNam is really a girl. TaeKyung doesn’t know what to do; and then he literally shuts her mouth by kissing her (real one this time-not like in the drama – I think he wipes his mouth afterward). MiNam is devastated because she is love with TaeKyung. She sings, and ShinWoo watches cause he is in love with MiNam. Then TaeKyung starts singing while ShinWoo watches both, and then ShinWoo sings. and basically it turns- 3 way misery (pretty song tho – I have no idea what it says).

This clip goes from at 2:40 – 3:38 in the next video and includes part of the\song.

I’m really fuzzy on this whole section. I don’t think the exact scenes were in the drama and my Korean is really bad and my memory fuzzy. TaeKyung finds he can’t stop thinking about her to the point where he imagines her as a pigrabbit.

This isn’t a Photoshop. It was really projected

A running gag thru the whole thing is Jeremy’s dealing with his attraction to MiNam and the gay stylist’s attraction to TaeKyung and then ShinWoo. It escalates to the point where Jeremy yells “I’m GAY!!!!” to a crowd of reporters. The Korean was too much for me, and I’m not really clear what happened next – I think they pass it off as joke or being drunk

Another running gag is that the fan girls are constantly being chased off by the security guard, and, yes the one in the pink wig is a guy (there’s a bit about “are you a guy or a girl?” and the character gets all offended, “I’m a girl!!”) (He was an ANJell backup dancer and in every scene where there were women. Even wore the pink wig during the curtain call (he was in his backup dancer role). I’m not sure why they had a guy pretending to be a girl; but I think he drew the short straw.

TaeKyung & MiNam find out about how evil his Mom is and there is a lot of angst and she runs away. I think he may have told her to go away, but in any case, he is surprised when she doesn’t show up for a performance. But the show must go on so they perform (you can see the hole and how they try to recover from it)

This video is a bit weird. Watch the 2nd 1/2 first (start at 2:45). The order is right in the video, I just think that ANJell’s dance number is more important to the plot.

You can also see parts of it from another angle starting around 3:40 in this video. Promise this is the last time.

The 1st 1/2 is Hye-yi’s girl group dancing around in what appeared to be cut up trash bags. Hye-yi’s was the worst because it looks just like a shredded black trash bag. I was so stunned – I just stared it at in wonder the entire scene – it never even occurred to me that they were singing “I’m lonely, sexy…give me money.” But if I had realized it, I would have thought they would explain the outfits (homeless prostitutes). The outfits were much worse in person. Maybe they looked better from a distance, but I was 2nd row center.

Act 2

I’m much fuzzier on Act 2, mainly because there isn’t video of it to help refresh my memory.

There is basically a manhunt on for MiNam (I think). I’m pretty sure she was in the paper. At one point she goes back to the convent to hide.

TaeKyung’s mom sees the light and apologizes for the way she lived her life.

TaeKyung’s mom gives him a CD.

I think this is the point where we find out that President Ahn knew that she was a girl and also when he and Mgr. Ma sang and danced about Ahn being the king of the world. No vid, but here are a couple pics.

(Ahn isn’t double-headed – I just had a hard time taking the photo of the pages)

Anyway, time goes by and ANJell is performing and in MiNam is sitting in the audience dressed like a girl (complete with hair pin). I’m trying to remember if she performed with them or not – but I just don’t. I’m sorry; i’m not a very good recapper. In any case, they kiss and make up and the lights go down as TaeKyung makes the pig nose. and then everyone comes back for the Curtain call. I really really wish I could remember more of this scene.

(Twice as nice, Jeremy)

There are lots of Curtain calls vids on YouTube of varying quality. This is from one of the last shows. You can find more by searching for “미남이시네요 커튼콜.” I’m not sure why some times all 4 are in their white outfits, and sometimes they are in their colored outfits and MiNam is in a dress.

Songs from the Show

As you can tell, there were a lot of songs in this; after all, it is a full on musical. Unfortunately, my Korean is bad so I can’t read this. But there is more then enough for an OST CD.

I keep hoping there will be an OST CD because this music video actually says OST.

Differences between Musical & Show

  • No Cordi Wang (at least I don’t recall her).
  • No Aunt character. (thank goodness)
  • MiNyu 1st appears as MiNam on stage (for 1 show – ha)
  • TaeKyung finds out the 1st day.
  • TaeKyung calls her pigrabbit early – no pig chase scene and I’m not sure why she makes the pig nose. I think it is for the same hide emotions reasons (has to be), but I can’t remember the exact details.
  • I think AN Jell is more like Big Bang then FT Island. Aka – no instruments just big dance numbers.
  • AN Jell now has backup dancers; they are minor characters.
  • A security guard is a minor character (played by the Ahn actor)
  • No Bus Scene.
  • No hair pin, but she does wear one (not the one from the drama) when she comes back as a girl
  • No physical pig rabbit, but he still called her one. (You could buy one at the ticket counter, but I already have one.)
  • I’m not sure if Jeremy ever finds out.
  • The gay stylist character from the Japanese version is incorporated. I didn’t think he helped the plot in that version, and I doubt he helped it in the musical version. He was kinda funny when he did Gangnam style tho.


I thought about going back to see it, but that would have been expensive, and I would have been going home late at night (I was at Olympic Park waiting to go to the FT Island concert during the next matinee). Looking back, I wish I would have gone back anyway. I also wished that I had turned my phone on to record the sound. Ok – that was bad of me, but It is hard trying to remember something you’ve seen once. I relied a lot on the videos to help me with this recap, and looking at google images helped as well.

I remember as I was leaving thinking that it seemed like could be translated easily on to the US stage. And that it would be the best way to make a US version of You’re Beautiful because they couldn’t ruin it to badly by turning into the Real World or something.

No, it isn’t a carbon copy of the drama, but you can’t condense 16 hrs into 2 and do that. They kinda tried that with the Japanese version (it was condensed it into 8), and in my opinion it didn’t work. There were lots of stuff in this Musical I could say “that wasn’t in the drama,” (my fav. line when watching movies based on books), but this was a new version & not a carbon copy, they were extremely faithful to the main plot in keeping with the limitations of the stage. I really want to see it again.

Here is a YouTube play list of all the videos above plus a couple others – in order by time in the drama.

Update: I asked (in poor Korean) the poster of the YouTube videos how to get an OST CD. Their response “미남이시네요 OST CD는 없어요 ㅠ-ㅠ” – in case you can’t read Korean, that says there isn’t an OST CD. I’ve very bummed. But my Bribe is still good, because I know they recorded it all the evidence is on YouTube. Come on; you know you want pigrabbit cookies.

Vampire Idol Recap – Ep 1 (without subs)

I am going to recap Vampire Idol based on what I understand. Please keep in mind, that I haven’t been able to find subs for this series yet, so I am going based on my limited understanding. And also DramaBeans excellent review of the 1st 3 episodes gave me a starting point.  Please go here and read it, and look at all the lovely pictures.  And then read everything else they have because it is really really good stuff.

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…oh wait.  In what looks like Dr. Who’s purple vortex is a planet inhabited by vampires.  (Apparently called Vampirutus).  These vampires used to be like our vampires, but they switched and became peaceful and drink blood from little bottles instead of from a pulsing human neck.  No, I don’t know where they got the humans to feed from either or where they get the blood now.  Maybe that is discussed, but I don’t know.

The narrator talks about 3 vampires.  One has super hearing when he sticks his finger in his ear.  (Kinda like Mork NaNuing) His name (title?) sounds like Gabriele Lance.  The next looks like he is supposed to be very intelligent – and his name/title sounds like Gabriele Genius.  The next guy wears a silver mask with a bat on it and seriously kicks butt.  He gets blood on his face from the guys he is fighting licks it, and his eyes go blue.  (What is it with Korean vampires and Blue Eyes?) And he goes to get his vampire drink on the old fashioned way – thru the jugular.  His name/title sounds like OohKaRee Peduah.  (BTW, these three are all pretty boys.)

Until I get better names, I am going to call these Mork, Genius and Mask.  I am trying to come up with a clever collective name for the Trio, but I haven’t yet.

Anyway, this planet has a King, PaPaPa, who has a son, PaPa. (These are titles not names) There is a big ceremony where on the way all the girls (wearing dirndls !?) swoon over the prince.  Who is this short guy who reminds me of Dave Lister (from Red Dwarf) without the dreads.  

The prince’s name is: “Vampirutus Panyera Twilight Walakia Kunyaris Romania Blarantua Transylvania New Moon Tenios Bellanluci Breaking Dawn Draculu Oolala Eclipse Apalidia.”  This is a direct copy and paste from Dramabeans review because I am not about to try to figure all that out. Although, for those who can read Korean it scrolls thru the screen at a very fast clip.  

At the ceremony, the king puts his crown on the prince and the prince says his name (takes a couple breaths to do it and a few whimpers).  The queen (Mrs Big Hair) fawns over her son.  I think she and the king are talking about how attractive he is compared to the tall, dark and pretty Trio.  The trio look like they agree, and are sad they are ugly. Ha.  (poor trio)

Prince EtcEtcEtc gives his dad back the crown. And a steward’s (?) cell goes off.  To a song that we will hear a lot of “Girls Girls.”   Uh Oh.  Apparently, this is bad.  The KoreanWave isn’t supposed to stop at this planet.  The king breaks the video/holographic device and yells and then calls for the steward to be dragged off, by a flippin’ knight!  As he is dragged off, he opens his jacket and shows his Girls Girls tee, and chants a protest.  Everyone is shocked.  The queen pets the king to calm him down.  I think he tells the prince how evil the Korean wave is.  

After the king and queen leave (funny scene where the king/prince bump head) The prince wears a huge red diamond/ruby which apparently means something because he holds it and moans and groans.  Apparently he likes Hallyu, too.

Then Mork/Genius tell him they got him tickets to the Girls Girl’s concert.  But Mask is a party pooper and says he can’t do it. (I think cause he will get in trouble)  The other 2 agree, or it appears to me.  But then the Prince gets all happy and starts singing the song. so maybe they said it was Ok.

However, this scene is hilarious.  He is singing/dancing and is letting it all hang out and his backup singers (Trio) standing ramrod straight and sing in a complete monotone.  Seriously.  It is a kinda like combo of dirge/Gregorian chant. (You’ve got to see it)

Then you switch to the Girls Girls concert – which is WAY autotuned – something I can’t stand. One wears a very weird hoodie (all hood no shirt) – on stage.  She is white blonde.  apparently she doesn’t speak. How she sings I don’t know.  She also is a reverse Wilson – you only see the bottom half of her face and never the top half.  My guess is that she is going to be an alien or something. I’m gonna call her Blondie.

Scene switches to an entertainment guy (VPDaddy) watching them on TV.  One of the singer’s calls him.  Apparently, she is his daughter.  Explains the autotuning.  A delivery girl comes in and delivers food. She is going to be huge part of this.

VPDaddy is looking for someone. and goes to an apartment.  He is startled by a middle age lady wearing all kinds of face masks.  (I assume for beauty treatments etc.)  She kinda reminds me of Joan Rivers – I think she had more then her share of plastic surgeries.  

There is a conversation that I don’t get between Lady and Daddy.

Switches to a scene in the woods where a guy is getting harassed by gangsters. He gets a page that makes him all excited just before they are going to bury him alive.  Apparently, he knows about a diamond the size of his fist. Lead bad guy is interested until he tells him it is coming from space. He gets buried.

Back to the planet.  Genius tells (well shows him on an iPad thingy) Prince that they are going to go to Korea.  Drink fancy blood from little bottles, ride a limo to the concert and rock out in VVIP seats. (I just hope they don’t sing along)

The prince is concerned that Mask is going to start killing people, but Mask says he is Ok because he has his mask. (apparently it is a gas mask to remove the smell of humans or blood or something).  Everyone gloats cause they are going fool the parents. Better then round robin.

Instead of a space ship, they have energy sphere to ride to earth, but something goes wrong and they get all shook up.

Then the BuriedGuy unburies himself. (uses his hand for a periscope to make sure it is safe for him to get out).  Gets another page and is all excited.  I think he is thinking of that diamond.  He tries to sneak home, but he is caught.  by VPDaddy.

VPDaddy isn’t happy.  In comes the Lady wearing another beauty treatment mask, and she scolds BuriedGuy. He is all Mommmy (and hides behind her).  Apparently, he promises VPDaddy something. and then the show ends with some funny bloopers.