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Acknowledge Song JiHyo campaign

Since at least February (, I have been asking to update their Running Man page to show Song JiHyo as a member of Running Man. She is nowhere to be seen in the cast photo. Instead, they show Song JoongKi.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Song JoongKi, but he is no longer a member of the Running Man cast and Song JiHyo is. If DramaFever can only include one Song in the cast photo, it should be her. She’s earned it. She is the Ace.

I don’t know why this mistake occurred because DramaFever doesn’t even have rights to episodes with Song JoongKi as a member. I hate to believe that the same family name is the reason, or that JoongKi looks a bit feminine. Or even worse that DramaFever is showing a bit of bias by only showing the male members (and former members) in the cast photo.

Whatever the reason for the mistake, it needs to be fixed, soon. I would say now, but I bet they have to get rights to a use a different image – so they need to get busy and tell us they are trying to fix it.

I’m starting a HashTag campaign. Tweet Dramafever ( with the Hashtag #AcknowledgeSongJiHyo – if enough of us raise our voices…err… tweets, then maybe they will listen and acknowledge that Song JiHyo is Running Man’s Ace, but I’ll settle for her just being in the cast photo as she deserves.
Update: 1 day later and Dramafever changed the photo. Woohoo. My one woman campaign worked when asking didn’t. 🙂