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DIY Star Trek Uniform Top

I’m going to revert this blog temporarily back to its namesake.  This is my latest inept seamstress project, a DIY, Star Trek TNG Uniform facsimile top.  This isn’t by any means close a real top because it is only blue in the middle and the sleeves.  This has the look that someone will say “oh, that’s Star Trek”I am also a bad sewer so this is from a distance.

What I did:

1st step – go to Goodwill.
Find a niceish quality Tee in science officer blue.
Also find a black turtleneck tank of approximately the same size

2nd step – get out scissors.
Cut the shoulders off of the black tank.
Cut around the sleeves and across the top approximately even with the neckline.  In the same shape as your new shoulders.
Remember that the new shoulders should be longer then what you cut off the tee so you don’t get a gaping hole.  In other words, don’t do what I did.

3rd step – get out sewing machine.
Place new shoulders on Top of tee.  This will allow you to take advantage of the already finished area. (I used it as my guide as well for a straightish seam)
Line up shoulder seams.
Sew around sleeves.
Discover gaping hole between the black portion and the blue portion.
Sew the other side.

Flip inside out, carefully. Don’t let it get twisted up.
With the black fabric on top, line up the blue and black portions (Right sides together).
As you line up. realize that you have lumps where the hole was
Realize that the black is slightly narrow then the blue.
So as you sew, pull the black fabric taut so it becomes the same width.
Flip to the back and repeat.

4th step – Dig out a long straight black skirt (or slacks) from your closet.

5th step – find Star trek communicator pin.

6th step – get dressed & take picture to show off, or at least show the idea.

7th step – try to recover from the flashes.

I’m a great idea person – I just have problem with the implementation.

My Uniform

My Uniform – (I would ask does this uniform make me look fat, but I know the answer)


Monstar and memories

so, while watching the final ep of #Monstar, a song brought a very old, slightly weird memory to mind. ColorBar was singing Lefty. (Go here for more info on the original.) And this line “And you say everyone should raise the same hand” reminded me of an incident from my college days.

I went to a very, very conservative Christian college. One day, Pastor preached on stubbornness or rebellion or something (can’t remember exactly what). This was the illustration: if a person was asked to raise their right hand and they raised their left, both hands, or no hands, then each type of refusal to do as asked could be construed an example of this sin, that sin or this sin. (I can’t remember more details and remember this was an example of the mindset, not that not raising your hand was a sin.)

Anyway, this is where it gets funny and why it stuck with me. It was my college’s 25th anniversary and they wanted a group photo, so 1 or 2 days later, they told everyone to gather at the bell tower.  Someone called “Everyone raise your Right hands & wave to camera.”

Um…yeah…this was a college full of well….college kids. So while the majority of us raised our right hand, there were quite a few left handers, no handers and both handers. And I’m pretty darn certain that most of them were because of the sermon. At least the people around me were all “ooohh, we can be rebellious just by raising our left hand. Let’s do it.” Or “I’m not a left hander, I’m a no-hander.”
They actually had discussions on the “best” way to be a rebel by not raising their right hand. Yeah, it was immature. But apparently memorable.

I found the photo; here is a portion of it.

childish rebellion

childish rebellion