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I’m really enjoying my Brother ScanNCut. I’m learning a lot. Here are some of the projects I’ve done recently and also some organization things I came up with. My SNC storage drawer is getting quite full.

ScanNCut Projects

  • I’ve redone my Pandorica box – this one is made from paper with photos’s of the moon’s surface  on it so it looks cooler and actually opens. It’s big enough that I can store my standees in it but the lid won’t close all the way.
  • I’ve also adapted an gift tag tutorial into a holder for mending kits – and then I further adapted it so that the hole is the star trek insignia. (what can I say? I’m a geek.)
  • Today I tried something new. Layering vinyl. The pig rabbit below is made of 4 colors of vinyl. It’s not perfect but I had the idea of adding a little random shape to each color in the same spot so I can use it to align everything and save vinyl. It didn’t quite work out like I had planned so I have more ideas for next time.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it – it’s permanent adhesive so I have sticker anxiety. 😀 As a kid, I never wanted to put my stickers anywhere in case I changed my mind.
  • The Wonder Woman eagle below is a test. It’s just going to decorate the box I store my Wonder Woman costume in, and the full size version will be cut out of heat transfer vinyl to make me a new shirt. I’m hoping it can work on an athletic tee so I can swim in it – but I’m not holding out hope.  I think I’ll need to get a special HTV for that
  • Yesterday, my sister and I created a bunch of  onesie designs (stencils and a couple glitter HTV) for my new grandniece (great-niece? – I never can remember). I don’t have photos. When I say we, I mean I did most of it but she weeded and had final call on fonts etc. This is when I realized how annoying it is to try to turn normal fonts into a stencil font.



This weekend I had some idea for organization.

  • I’ve decided to start using that ugly paper that I have so much of. For some reason, K&Company thinks stained wallpaper designs deserves to be in a Best of Book so I’m stuck with quite a lot (I didn’t look closely enough before buying. Some of it is quite pretty but the majority of that book is ugly. Before my sister came Saturday, I cut out the designs I had created on Friday by that time in the ugly paper so she could see what they would look like and we could fine-tune wording & fonts.  (no pictures – sorry). I also drew the wording we were going to use for glitter HTV on the back of an ugly sheet so we could see how much to cut off the roll. That piece of paper is now separating my possibly useable craft paper scraps from the “what am I going to do with all these” scraps.
  • Earlier this week, I was showing my sister my ScanNcut as we planned and I lost the protective cover to my old mat.  As a temporary solution I covered it with transparencies. But on Saturday, I had a brainstorm. I took a piece of that ugly paper and covered it with Contact Paper (both sides) – now I have a cover that will be hard to lose. (I bet the cover went behind the craft cabinets.)
  • My new mat is looking pretty ragged after the workout we put it thru. We used both mats because we discovered that freezer paper didn’t like too many curves & it would rip so we used transparencies (I have a random box leftover from a project) for those. But I decided to decorate my new mat’s protective cover with bits of vinyl so I can spot it easily. That’s a Star Trek TOS Science’s communicator fail pictured.
  • Yesterday, I had to keep flipping my computer around so my sister could see the fonts I had selected. For some of them, she kept changing her mind (can you show me the other font again?) They started running together so today I made a Font Book for my wall. Well, it’s a font book if a font book can be 3 pages and be taped to a wall. (actually, the pages shown are taped to my window shade).
    Those are the Canvas built-in fonts upper & lower case drawn on the backside of ugly paper. I have a numerals as well – but that’s on a different section of wall.  I did uppercase first and it worked out well because I was able to choose the width of the text blocks and then the lowercase & numerals had the same height to make comparison easy.  I pasted in the quick brown fox sentence & Canvas got rid of all the spaces, which actually worked out quite well since I was able to select/delete/paste easily.
  • My main ScanNcut stuff is a plastic drawer unit – that’s where the manuals, vinyl and mats (and the rhinestone kit I’ll never use) is stored. My tools (I bought the Cricut set and it’s great) are stored in a dollar store pencil box. My brayer goes in a basket cause that can be used for other crafts as well.
  • When I first got the ScanNCut, I made myself a notebook so I can store the settings I need for each type of material. It & a pen fits neatly in the pencil box as well. I got the bright idea today to start taping my test cuts to the page so I can see what the thickness was for comparison.

Anyway that’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to instead of doing what I should be doing (mainly laundry). I’m totally considering decorating a Tee shirt with the pig rabbit on it in Heat Transfer Vinyl. 🙂 Or even a polo so I can wear it to work. 🙂 & maybe a wonder woman polo as well. 🙂



Rant: TV Bad Guys

Why is it that bad guys on television always store all their data on a secret partition on their hard drive or a password protected folder? Is it just so the quirky, IT girl can crack the password dramatically saving the day somehow? They need to make life more difficult for the good guys: even quirky IT girls.

If I were a TV bad guy, and I had top secret data, maybe it’s the photos of Ronald McDonald eating a whopper that I’m using for blackmail or whatever, I’m not leaving it on any computer, phone or tablet for quirky IT girls to hack when I’m not there. Flash drives and SD Cards, which are only accessed via a guest account – that gets automatically wiped every time it shuts down, are the way to go. Heck, with Macs & the size of flash drives now a days, I could have the BadGuy user acct be on the flash drive.  Flash drive stays on my person; probably in disguise.

The SD card backups (128 GB minimum) can be hidden anywhere.  I’d probably have 2. One would be behind a baseboard, behind the medicine cabinet, light fixture or otherwise well hidden – it’s my longterm TimeMachine backup that I only access every so often to update. and the other would be labeled 4 gb (easy enough to fake) and placed in a crappy old camera, with some landscape shots (taken with that camera) in the default directory.

Cameras have functions to wipe cards automatically. Not difficult to run – not that secure but who would pay attention? If I see TV cops at my house, the flash drive gets tossed into a handy sewer (or hidden to retrieve later if I can do it safely).  If I can’t it’s disguised enough not to be completely obvious what it is.

The camera with the short-term backup card is almost hidden in plain sight but not quite – and definitely not in the same room with the computer stuff. That’s where the good guys will be focusing.  In a storage area with random old junk. (I’ll keep diatomaceous earth handy if I need to add more dust to the box when I put it away – it’s just a green way to kill bugs so that’s not suspicious a fan blowing would help the dust placement.) If I can, I’ll swap out the memory card with a fake that looks identical. Else I hope it doesn’t get noticed.  Another possibility is formatting it multiple times using the camera’s function.  This would only work if I can access the storage room when I say I’m going to the bathroom.

And of course, my long term storage is hidden safely away where it would be darn impossible to find; and preferably somewhere that a normal warrant wouldn’t cover. I’m the TV bad guy; what do I care about the rule of law and complying with warrants.

Another option for keeping the LT backup away from the TV good guys. Multiple PO Boxes in a different name, and just forward it around the country; eventually, it returns and I update it and then start the cycle all over again for the price of a stamp. this is also a way to get rid of the USB drive temporarily.

And if I were a really smart TV bad guy, I’d make it so that the flash drive and SD cards would look for each other and wouldn’t operate properly without the other.

One way or another, I’d confound the quirky IT girl  & the TV good guys and she wouldn’t be able to save the day so I’d be freed and be able to change to blackmailing the Taco Bell Dog for eating Pizza hut. They’d have to catch me accessing my stuff (and of course, my wifi would be disabled when I use it) for the TV good guys to triumph.

It’s a good thing I’m not a TV bad guy, cause if I can come up with this in the shower who knows what I could come up with if this was my full time job. 😀

Rant over. 😀

It’s no secret that I’m a geek. It’s also no secret that I love Doctor Who. And since this blog is called The Inept Seamstress, you’d expect I’d have some type of crafting ability.

I don’t. Not really.  But I’m good with computers. So I ordered a Brother ScanNcut for some of my projects. It sat barely used for months until I got this idea.

I made Doctor Who PaperDolls – or if you prefer, mini-Standees. I took some promo photos, and added a paper doll base (half-circle) in Photoshop, printed them on photo paper, then uses my Xyron adhesive roller machine thingy to attach them to some card I had lying around (notebook covers) and then cut it out using my ScanNCut.
If you want to steal this idea, make sure you Scan to Data first so you can check everything carefully, and if necessary fix it in Canvas. Whatever you do, don’t eject your mat while you’re trying to fix the cutting file.  It may not come in the same position. Also try not to move your object around while fixing it in Canvas.

I totally screwed up the Pandorica, but I was able to recover. It was a 2 part cube with spiral cut out. Each part of the cube was a top and 2 sides with tabs to connect them.
The first half around I forgot to connect the spiral to the cube so it had a circle cut out. I used my Xyron to apply adhesive to it and I stuck it on green cardstock. Green because my reference photos were showing green ragged spirals.
The second time around I fixed that and I remembered to mirror the cutting file so it would have a bottom. What I hadn’t paid attention to was the paper template I had adapted had 2 tabs on 1 side. Unfortunately, the tab with the slits was on the other half and they didn’t line up,  I’ve since redone the cutting file so I would have it for the future.

Unfortunately, I didn’t use enough glue on the spiral on the fixed one (I was afraid of making a mess), so that may show wear.

If I were properly crafty, I would have made it out of a dark gray or stone print paper and/or would have used ink to age/texture it, but I used what I had. It’s still cool even with all the mistakes.

I may decide to upload the cutting file (fcm) if any fellows geeks are interested.

I did a music video using some video I took and the below photos. It’s not that great but you might find it funny/touching.


This is gallery of all my creations and detailed photos of the Pandora

As nearly everyone who has ever heard me talk about dramas knows, my favorite drama is You’re Beautiful. 말도없이 (Without Words) is why I started learning Korean.  I went to Seoul in 2012 and the timing was so that I could see a live production of You’re Beautiful. (I’m still waiting for someone to bring it to Broadway or at least Viki.) I also take the photo comic books with me to the dentist as a distraction & a way to practice reading Korean.

I’ve seen the Japanese version (Ikemen desu ne)and the Taiwanese version (Fabulous Boys) as well.  I just rewatched Fabulous Boys on viki and I’d started I’d do a showdown or review or something.  I know very little about Taiwanese dramas so bear with me.  Also, I wasn’t planning on writing this when I watched Fabulous Boys and I haven’t rewatched YAB in a while so I might be fuzzy and skip some stuff.

Spoilers for both.

Main Characters


  • Park Shin Hye as Go MiNam/ Go MiNyu / Cheng Yu Xi as Gao Mei Nan/Gao Mei Nu
  • Jang Geun Suk as Hwang TaeKyung / Jiro Wang as Huang Tai Qing
  • Jung Yong Hwa as Kang ShinWoo / Hwang In Deok as Jiang Xin Yu
  • Lee Hong Ki /Evan Yo as Jeremy

My 2 Cents

I believe that Cheng Yu Xi Mei Nan is just as good as Park Shin Hye’s MiNam. They both have their strength’s and weaknesses. One obvious difference is FB allows you to see the “real” Mei Nan, he even participates in several key scenes. My gut says that PSH couldn’t pull off playing an real man instead of a former wannabe nun pretending to be a man.  Or maybe she didn’t want to do it. But that is something I had wanted to see so in FB you can.

Tai Qing is less arrogant (he’s plenty arrogant – don’t get me wrong)  and more emotionally available then TaeKyung. His emotions are more believable.  He’s also gentler (his eyes especially). I like him better then TaeKyung.

I’m sure acting wise Hwang In Deok could get Jung YongHwa a run for his money, but emotionally, I have to go with ShinWoo/YongHwa.  There is one scene in particular I didn’t like – somehow Xin Yu found out who Mei Nan’s mother was. I don’t see how that is even possible considering he wouldn’t have found out until after the big disclosure/fight. Maybe he’s a gangster/PI in disguise?

Jeremy. There’s only one Jeremy. That is the super adorable HongKi. (Adorable as in: he reminds me of my nephew when he was 6. I def. “don’t think of him as a man” 😀 ) The YAB Bus Scene always make me tear up. But I felt nothing during the same scene in FB. Part of it could be he didn’t sing that well – HongKi’s singing thru his tears is what tears a hole in my heart; every single time! also FB Jeremy didn’t have funny hair styles & clothes 😉



In some aspects, Fabulous Boys is a clone of You’re Beautiful. Some scenes are almost identical. But FB is 20 eps versus YAB 16, so stuff has been added. I don’t think the additions hurt the plot too much (except for Xin Yu being a PI). One of the crucial additions is the Mei Nan helping at an orphanage. It’s believable that she would want to give kids a good Christmas. Tho the compulsive knitting is a bit weird – but sure, fine, whatever.

In some ways, Fabulous Boys is funnier then YAB. For instance, during the fight over the phone – Mei Nan licks it to keep Tai Qing from touching it and then threatens him.  That’s hilarious! She uses his Monk tendencies against him.

Something I didn’t like – the hair clip was even smaller and plainer then the bow. It was also a star. Everything was covered in stars.

I really like that Mei Nan & Mei Nu meet up (at the airport scene) After Mei Nan plays the angry big brother part with the reporter, they get to hug. Mei Nan is even supportive of Mei Nu & Tai Qing’s relationship.  His take was never given in YAB.  However, you’d think that people not in on secret would start wondering when Mei Nan’s hair keeps changing. (when Mei Nu played him again).  Also, the total change of personality (but that applies to both versions).

I like the actual ending of FB boys better – but I don’t like that he sings her dad’s song and announces it’s for the most important person in his life and she is still walking out! It’s also cute that the fans around them when they meet – are the ones you see in the first episode etc.

The music in FB was OK – but I think Still was the only song from YAB – and I love “Without Words.”

I’m running out of steam, but I  recommend watching Fabulous Boys.

BTW – one of these days I’m going to do proper screenshots and maybe even learn to make gifs (used to know how a long time ago) – so, sorry my posts are text heavy.



Mom’s BugOut Box

This year, mom made all of her kids (we are 7) emergency supply kits. We prefer to call them bug out boxes.

It consisted of two parts. A disaster blanket (mine was apparently “extra warm”) and 3 bottles of water in a drawstring bag (mine has a Noah’s Ark print – hopefully, she’s not foretelling a mini-Great Flood) and the kit itself, a plastic tote full of supplies for daily living.


I wanted to put my supplies in a latching box – so I decided to take a photo inventory of everything for you. I think mine is a bit different then my siblings because I have to watch what I eat.  Pardon the shadows.


Now obviously, this isn’t a full emergency supply kit.  It won’t last very long and doesn’t contain any first aid supplies, but it’s meant to be something small that we could take with us if we had to be evacuated somewhere.  And it’s heavy on sugars and protein – which is important. Not bad for a lady whose idea of emergency preparedness has been a well, wood stove, and a full pantry.

The disaster blanket and water are meant to stay in our cars during the winter in case we get stranded.

I’m accident prone and wanted a latching box, so I transferred it into this box that I had already. I even have room to add some additional supplies.


This year was the year for survival kits in my family. She made us those & my 2nd sister made her a “Survive when the grandkids come kit” –  it was full of plastic dishes and some treats for Mom (not for the kids) & some DVDs for Mom that that the kids might want to watch.  My 3rd sister also made me an winter survival kit. It consisted of Pepsi, chocolate, Pepsi, canned spaghetti, chocolate, Pepsi, dried meals, Pepsi and, oh yeah, Pepsi. I’m a caffeine addict.


On a more serious note, if you don’t have an emergency supply kit/bug out box/zombie apocalypse kit, here is a starter list of the items to have.

One thing that I think is often brushed over/forgotten. “Sanitation and personal hygiene items” means along with soap, wipes and toilet paper etc, you should also have a supply of pads/tampons (if your family uses them) and not just a couple. I suggest keeping your spare pack with your emergency supplies and replacing them as needed. A bad situation will only be worse if you find yourself evacuated because of a natural disaster and you don’t have the supplies you need.  If you’re a man reading this, don’t get grossed out – if it makes you feel more macho, you can say they make good fire starters. 🙂 But seriously, if you care about the women in your family, be prepared.

Important Making Edit: Do not, do not, do not use the double-side adhesive tape for fasteners (no matter how much I rave about them) – yes, I raved about tape. But it was too weak to be keep at least one of the velcro’s attached to the belt. and it also wasn’t strong enough for my tiara. so I had wardrobe malfunctions. Unfortunately, I lost my belt when it fell off before I left. I hope a friend picked it up. (I picked it up the next day)
My theory is that the texture of the felt makes its hold weaker.


I love Wonder Woman. Always have. Ever since I first saw Lynda Carter on FX (it used to show classic TV). I don’t care for the comics (haven’t really read them), so my Wonder Woman is the Lynda Carter version. And I really love her costume (even tho it is totally impractical in real life, but she gets away with it cause she’s an Amazonian princess and obviously has some clothing superpowers).
(Disclaimer: the Wonder Woman screen captures I’m posting were ones I created and they qualify as fair use. No infringement is implied or encouraged.)

Oh and if you haven’t seen Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, you can buy it on Amazon & ITunes. I own all the DVDs but I’m still tempted to buy eps.

Rabbit trail

Here’s the fun part about my love of Wonder Woman and her costume. I dress modestly. And I mean very modestly; I mean, I’ve been tempted to throw on a polo when the Duggars are in town & see if someone mistakes me for one. 😀 (I also have long hair – so that why it could’ve worked). (see bottom for Disclaimer about how this is only about me & no one else.)

Basically, I don’t wear shorter then knee length skirts & I keep the girls covered. (I try not to wear tight shirts, but sometimes I don’t realize how tight a top is.) I wear pretty clothes that aren’t sexy in the least.  (Flattering yes (or I try), sexy no). I don’t care for sleeveless shirts/dresses either, but that’s not really a modesty thing.

Anyway, that’s all to say that my love of Wonder Woman seems a bit strange.  I think I like her because she was a geek but could kick butt. Anyway, I’ve always wanted a Wonder Woman bathing suit, but since the first bathing suit I’ve felt comfortable in came from this site:Simply Modest Swimwear and I’m too cheap to have one custom made; I resigned myself to only thinking about it.  I now create my own swimwear – from light, fast-drying, synthetic, readymade clothing (yes, I swim in that – I do take off my hat). But you can’t get spangled skirts.

One of my bathing suit creations (there are bike shorts underneath)

One of my bathing suit creations (there are bike shorts underneath)

This too long discussion on modesty is to explain some of the choices I made with this costume. Normal people won’t make these same choices.  But they may find my experiences helpful, just like I found the experiences of other bloggers helpful, interesting & just plain fun to read. I don’t know that I’m doing anything like other bloggers cause they had a sewing machine and did it properly, but I did enjoy seeing what they had posted and all the variations.

Back to topic:

Anyway, last year I decided I was gonna be Wonder Woman for Halloween. Even bought some stuff, but my Daddy’s illness got worse in the fall and he died on Oct. 24th. So I wasn’t in the costume mood.

So this year, I decided to make a Wonder Woman costume, but make it something that I’d still feel comfortable wearing in public.

I also didn’t have my sewing machine, so I was limited on what I could make myself.  This double-side adhesive tape was a godsend.  You can see how much I used. I’m going to try to always keep some on hand. (Disclaimer: I just like Fabric Fuse – this isn’t an ad. Use whatever you like if you need a fabric adhesive. This works for me cause I’m not gonna iron anything and didn’t have a sewing machine handy.) Note, get a pair of cheap scissors (dollar store etc) that you won’t mind ruining if the adhesive sticks all over them. Definitely, do not try to cut this with your good fabric scissors especially if you have to make long narrow strips like I had to at different points.


Couple criteria:

  • It was gonna be based (as much as possible) on Lynda Carter’s costume, cause she is Wonder Woman to me.
  • It was gonna have a skirt. There is precedent for this. Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman had 2 skirts that I know of. This one is from the Pilot. It’s a wrap-around that is spangled all over.
    Wonder Woman Skirt - Pilot
    This one is from “Last of the Two Dollar Bills” – It’s a wrap-around that is only partially spangled and the gap is on the side not the front.  I think this one is prettier. I especially like the side opening.
    Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 12.03.49 PM

Costume Pieces

Forgive the color issues. The room was, I think, too dark, so everything is yellowy. Rest assured, these are royal & not navy blue. Links are provided for convenience and cause I’m too lazy (for the most part) to take photos when the good photos are already there.

  1. Star Spangled Leggings from Amazon. This was for several reasons, but not the least of which – it’s pretty impossible to find anything blue with big white stars (the real costume even had embroidered stars). This also allows me more freedom in the skirt choice. (I could go for solid royal blue – instead of spangled). These are very tight, but the fabric is perfect. (Amazon also has them in shorter lengths.)
  2. Top – Red Tee Shirt with the Eagle Design. I wasn’t going to do the eagle because of the work involved but the XL Wonder Woman Tee shirt I had ordered was basically a XS. I could barely get it on and I’m an M. So back to the drawing board
    How I made the eagle. I found a good forward facing photo of the costume. I downloaded it and opened it in Photoshop, where I cropped it, & after a lot of trial & error, I created an outline with white fill the size i wanted.  3 pieces: eagle (looked more like a penguin), and the wings.
    WW eagle template
    It’s not very pretty – but it worked. I pinned each piece to yellow felt and cut out the rough shape. Then I covered it with ribbon using Fabric Fuse and then I cut out the the actual pieces. I decided to attach the eagle to red fabric to make it easier to safety-pin on and off my shirts.  I don’t really like that look that way. I  realized I had forgotten the little pedestal so I added it. When I was attaching it to my shirt, I added a strip of gold ribbon that I could safety pin to my skirt so there wasn’t a gap between the belt and the eagle. The point of my belt was shorter because I wasn’t planning on having the eagle and I wanted to be comfortable. Here is the eagle before  I added the red backing.
  3. Royal Blue Cheerleader/Tennis skirt from Goodwill. This was just lucky. I was shopping for skirts for me & saw this. It’s the perfect shade of blue. (I had something else, but I don’t need it now). I may stick on some white stars but I may not.
  4. Bullet Stopping Bracelets (also from Amazon)  I then decorated them w/ red stick on stars (with a sparkly sticker on top) so they ended up like this.
  5. Cape. This is the inside lining of an evening dress from Goodwill. I was running out of time cause I had forgotten the party was next Saturday. I paid too much money for it (20 – but I really wanted a cape.)  It’s not my dream cape (I want red/white/blue), but it is something I can do without a sewing machine. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the cut up evening gown that is currently on my craft table.
    (I had been looking for a big red, round, satin table cloth to use – I still think that idea would have worked.)
    Unfortunately, I screwed up a bit when I split the top of the cape (it already had a long slit all the way up the thigh so I didn’t have to worry about that.). I did it at an angle instead of straight & the fabric below was off center. If I had it to do over, I would cut on both sides of the seam to remove the seam.
    Because it was part of a dress, what I’m using as neck was originally the waist – so it doesn’t sit properly on the shoulders. I kept having to adjust it to keep it from looking like a Dracula cape with a big collar. Also the dress was asymmetrical so I had to work to adjust it so it look symmetrical when I had finished it.
    Funny story: when I was adjusting it, I ended up cutting off several inches in small chunks. It had been floor length at the back. 😀
    The binding for the cut area and the neckline/tie are satin ribbons from Walmart attached with Fabric Fuse. I had to cut it in half for the thinner ribbon, and that was a pain. (the tie was too long so I ended up cutting it after the party.)
    The stars are 2 packs of stick on felt stars (glittered & non-glittered from ACMoore), plus scrapbooking star sticker from Walmart. Unfortunately, the felt stickers fall off a lot, so I have to use the fabric fuse to help them. The stars are placed randomly especially since I just started putting them on wherever as they fell.
    Note: use sew on stars if you do your own cape – the adhesive felt stars fell off and also my hair would get caught in the exposed adhesive when I wore it. It was, however, neater once I decided to keep the backing on the stars – and use fabric fuse to attach them. Those stars didn’t fall off as often, and when they did, they didn’t stick to anything.
    IMG_0979 IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0982
  6. Lasso – some weird type of hollow craft cord I got from Walmart. I’m not sure what it could be used for in normal crafts, but it was cheap, there and suited my purpose (mostly).  Gold satin cord would be best, but I didn’t have any. Annoyingly, it kept the bumps from the package, so I used monofilament cord to keep it neat & more lasso-ey. It didn’t work that great.
  7. Boots. I’ll meant to wear my red tennis shoes with red socks. Since I couldn’t find solid red socks (found them the next week) – I created quasi-boot covers. Red fabric (again from the same dress as the cape) and white grosgrain ribbon attached with Fabric Fuse – with an extra long piece of ribbon to disguise my laces.  These are shaped to my legs and I used Velcro to close them. I wore socks that were mostly red to disguise the gap between the boot cover & my shoes. I apologize for the poor quality of this photo.
  8. The Belt & the Tiara were my biggest worry. I had my plan in mind and had even ordered gold satin from Amazon, but since it wasn’t Prime, it didn’t arrive in time. So I was kinda worried. But I found Gold Ribbon and Gold Scrapbooking Paper that work pretty perfectly. Instructions below.

Instructions – for Belt & Tiara.

If you’re interesting in making your own Wonder Woman belt or Tiara, feel free to see if any of my techniques will work for you.  These “instructions” are more my ramblings on what I did then real proper instructions.
Important: Do not use Fabric Fuse for any closures. It doesn’t have the strength – I kept having Wardrobe malfunctions and my belt actually fell off in the parking lot leaving the party and I had to drive back the next day to get it. I thought I had fixed it but it happened again when I wore it to the office so I MacGyvered it.

Forgive me – I didn’t take photos during the creation process. But I’ll try to put photos that you can reference if you want to make your own.

Belt Steps:


  1. Figure out Design and Dimensions.  I figured about 3-4 inches tall at the center with a 2 inch waist strap. I think the point is about 3.5 inches tall.
  2. Cut out design on 2 pieces of tan felt. (Tan so it would be less likely to show thru the satin that never came.) I stack them on top of each other & used a rotary cutter so both pieces were identical.
  3. Use Fabric Fuse and layer the two pieces together at the point. (I later had to add a piece of chipboard because it kept bending).
  4. Add 3rd piece of 2inch tan felt to both sides. so the belt goes around waist.  Attach to both sides then cut in the middle so seam is in the back. (This of course depends on waist size).
  5. Use Fabric fuse to attach ribbon – starting from the center. (the center required an additional layer or ribbon.  Remember to smooth carefully (I didn’t always).
    The ribbon was wired, but I removed the wire. I left the decorative casing of the wire visible at the bottom cause I thought it was pretty and add a decorative touch.
  6. After the outside is covered, then fold over the top using Fabric Fuse to secure. For the point you’ll need to clip and then fold. I didn’t do a very good job at this so it’s a bit bumpy. There was leftover adhesive that stuck out further then the ribbon, so I used random ribbon that I had in my stash to keep it from sticking to everything.
  7. The closure is velcro. Again, attached with my new best friend: Fabric Fuse. (This was a mistake – sew it on or use safety pins)
    I can add more of the rough side of the elastic if I need to tighten it. There’s enough give right now that I should be able to eat lots of snacks at the party and still breathe.
  8. Create loop for Lasso. I used a leftover strip of felt about 1 inch by 5 inches. about an inch & a half from the top I sewed a button on the back and cut a small button hole the same distance from the front.  I covered the front with ribbon cut to size – but I left plenty of give around the  button (no adhesive) so I could button & un button as needed. The button is hidden but still useable. I wanted to use snaps but I couldn’t find mine and I wasn’t going out for them so I used a shank button I inherited from my grandmother. I also covered up the inside, where the button was so when it was unbuttoned, Gold was visible and not tan felt.
  9. Use Fabric Fuse to attach loop to just in front of the right hip.

Tiara Steps:

The Tiara was also supposed to be gold satin over felt, but since my satin didn’t come I used gold scrapbooking cardstock. It came out way better then it would have otherwise.   So if you want an inexpensive tiara, definitely use this method. (You can probably get cuffs as well from the same piece of cardstock)
This technique of cardstock over felt could be adapted easily for shoebox gifts. Just use ribbon to tie it on instead. It will lie flat & be adjustable for the child that gets it. The tiara would need to be shorter then 12 inches to fit in most shoeboxes tho.

  1. Figure out design and dimensions. I decided I only wanted the front to be gold and the back to be brown felt so it would blend in with my hair. I thought 3 inches worked for the point and about 1.5 for the band.
  2. Sketch a pattern on scrap paper and hold to forehead to test design & position.
  3. Trace and cut out final design on the back of the cardstock. Rotary cutter works well.
  4. Make a slightly smaller version using felt. I used some tan felt that was a reject for my belt. You want something comfortable between your head and the cardstock.
  5. Attach the felt to the back of the cardstock, using you guessed it: Fabric Fuse.
  6. Cut a piece of brown felt, 1.5 inches tall. Attach to one side of tan felt.
  7. Using trial and error, figure out how tight you want your tiara to be. I realized I had made it too loose, and then too tight because I felt to adjust for the differences between all my hair being under it, and the majority of my hair falling over it. Once you have it figured out, use Fabric Fuse – and then leave it alone so it sticks better.
    It won’t stick well enough so either hand-sew the pieces together or safety pin. Or my personal recommendation, hand-sew one-side and safety pin the other so it’s adjustable. It kept popping off – I thought it was just one side so I safety-pinned that side after the party – when I wore it to work,  the other side popped so I taped it. Elastic would be a good choice – since then it would be adjustable.
    Here’s the back of it.
  8. Add the Star. Since I had plenty of self-adhesive stars, I used 3. I used a glittery big felt star, with a small non-glittery felt star, and then top it with a teeny sparkly sticker. I wasn’t about to sew on bugle beads to do it properly. Here’s a close-up. I think it came out rather well.


So that’s my Wonder Woman costume. Here are photos with and without the cape. (my apologies for the first one – I went a bit crazy making sure all identifiable information was gone and then I found stickers.)



Modesty Note/Disclaimer/whatever you wanna call it: I don’t really have a list of “thou shalts” – I wear what I believe is right and what I feel comfortable wearing. I wouldn’t call someone a hussy cause she wears shorts above her knees or wants to wear a normal Wonder Woman costume, etc. What someone else wears doesn’t affect me, just like what I wear doesn’t affect them. (Besides, I know I’m the weird one.)  Also, this isn’t something that is forced on me. This is what I believe and how I personally dress.  It affects only me. I know no one who has my standards, some family members (not all) have similar beliefs, but not the same. Again, this affects me and me only.


Hijinks Ensue

Random List of drama Recs – in an assortment of categories.
You’re Beautiful
Trainee nun disguises herself as her twin brother in a famous boy band. Hijinks ensue. Note there are Japanese and Taiwanese versions of this as well. As far as I know, only Fabulous Boys (Taiwanese) is available from normal channels.
Master’s Sun
A woman who sees ghosts meets a man whose touch sends the ghosts away. Hijinks ensue.
Greatest Love/Best Love
A-list celebrity falls in love with a D-list celebrity who wants nothing to do with him. Hijinks ensue.
Queen InHyun’s Man
A man from the past is sent into modern day Seoul. He meets an actress who plays the queen he vows to protect. Hijinks of a time bending nature ensue.
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (9 tailed fox)
Arrogant boy meets mythical creature who says he must be her boyfriend & feed her “cow” or she’ll eat his liver. Hijinks ensue.
A bunch of misfit HS students (including a celebrity) form a band. Hijinks ensue. (Dramafever subs had added vile profanity; it may have been corrected, but I still suggest watching on Viki)
A “night messenger” meets a woman while being paid to collect her DNA. He then hired to protect her and goes undercover as a dork to protect her. Hijinks ensue.
Shan Shan Likes to Eat/Boss and Me (Chinese)
A woman with a specific bloodtype helps out her boss’s sister who was on the verge of death by donating blood. In gratitude, he feeds her and feeds her until he falls in love with her (or was it vice versa). Hijinks ensue. (note – I believe they move in together & hide it from her parents)
The only Chinese drama I’ve seen so it’s the only one I can recommend.
City Hunter
Man raised in jungle (literally) goes to Seoul to take revenge on the people who he believes had his father killed. His adoptive (drug-running) father wants him to kill them but he refuses. While undercover in the Korean version of the White House, he meets a woman in the secret service. Hijinks of a revenge nature ensue. Based on an Anime I believe. But Healer is better. 🙂
Running Man
My absolute favorite variety show. Chinese version is called Run Brother but I don’t know where it’s available. You can watch Running Man on DramaFever or on YouTube (Dramafever uploaded some really good fan subs and then theirs – which aren’t that great). Some eps are available on Viki.
Jackie Chan was on an episode. He’s adorable. You can see his hijinks below.