used to be a Sewing Blog – Now KDrama

This video is an experiment of mine. I realized that Korean vowels sound like English exclamations. Or more properly, English/American vocalizations.

I’m horribly camera shy, so the odds of me posting another video are slim to “미쳤어?”

Also, I’m bad at Korean, so this is more for fun then teaching. 🙂

Please note, I’ve a speech impediment and a Southern US accent – so I sound a bit weird.  Not really a big deal. But I used to get tons of comments/questions when I spoke around new people, and it irritated me.  So I don’t want people to be curious and ask “What a ___ accent. Where are you from? No, where are you from originally?” I also would prefer people not comment and say “It isn’t weird.” etc.  😀 Thanks, 친구들.



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