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Seoul2012 – Arrival

I was totally lost at Incheon airport, but I got my phone OK and got T-money card. I called my airbnb landlord and he told me he’s meet me at a particular stop on the airport bus route. On the bus, he called and switched it to one a little further down. I’m not sure why (I think he thought it was on the different side of the street). I know I looked like a total tourist gaping at everything around me.

When I met him, he was very nice, but I remember thinking this is a lot further to go then I thought. But it wasn’t bad. We took my stuff up to the apartment. He had meant to stock the minifridge for me but had forgotten (loaf of bread and some eggs were all it had) so we walked down to the convenience store to get essentials – e.g., Pepsi. (I think he was surprised that that was all I needed) After he left, I unpacked and tried to stay busy and not sleep until bedtime.

I was so tired tho.  This was Wednesday night and I left Tuesday morning; I hadn’t slept much on Sunday or Monday night from excitement and hadn’t slept at all on the plane. When I washed up, I pushed the sink stopper all the way down and it wouldn’t come up again.   Because I was so tired, it was very important to me that I free that stopper.  Between dwelling on that (how will I ever be able to shower with a stuck stopper) and the bright lights and the jetlag, I don’t think I slept until around 7.

My blog entry was basically “I’m here, I’m tired, I picked up a Japanese map by mistake, I’m tired, that darn sink stopper is bugging me, I’m tired,  it’s too bright. I’m tired” So I won’t post it here.

I also won’t post the video tour of my apartment that I took. But here’s a photo I took the next morning so I would remember it (I also took photos of street signs).  If you look closely you can see the blankets in the window that I used to block out those horrible street lights.

Outside of my Apartment

Outside of my Apartment


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