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Seoul 2012 – Before I left

I wrote this on August 14th.

Wow. really Wow

This time next week, I will be over the Ocean.

It is finally starting to hit me. I’m doing this. I’m really going more then half way (or nearly half depending on how you look at it) around the world. Yeah, it is only for a few weeks, but it is still a Wow feeling.
and not just a “wow – I’m superexcited” (which I am), but a “Wow – this is big. big big”
I don’t like big cities, never left the country (unless you count seeing the Canadian side of Niagara Falls once), and can barely speak Korean (face it, I can hardly speak English). I’ve never gone on a long distance flight – most of my time flying has been sitting at the gate.
Think about it, my first time on a subway will be in Seoul.  My first time seeing a subway will be in Seoul. I used to take the bus, but Nowhere, Virginia’s bus route isn’t exactly complicated – 1 transfer point.
The closest I’ve been to traveling alone around a city was the evening after a conference ended in Clearwater Beach; I took the Trolley to the tourist district (and almost left my souvenirs on the trolley). I had a blast tho for those few hours.
I was in Charlotte for 3 months and hated almost every second of it. And I wasn’t even downtown. I’m going to a city that leaves Charlotte in the dust.  However, this is completely different because I don’t have to drive anywhere – the driving is what stressed me most about Charlotte. (and other stuff I won’t go into)
The furthest west I’ve been is Detroit, and I will be flying over the entire US. Apparently, 777s (or international flights) fly much higher then normal planes, so I won’t get to see anything 😦
My first time seeing the Pacific Ocean will be from 30,000 feet, so I’m not sure if I will actually see it.
10, 5 or even 1 year ago, I would never have considered this.  In fact, Asia wasn’t on my list of go-to places. I thought England/Ireland one day, but not alone.  I plan to go to Sao Paulo to visit a friend (and I will), but I wouldn’t be alone in it. I even thought Australia would be cool – until I realized that everything in Australia is trying to kill you.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared to go alone to Seoul, I’m excited, but it is Big.
So while I’m very very very eager, there is a teeny bit of anxiousness slipping in.
BTW, re: going alone, I’m really OK with it, because if I waited to go with someone, I would never go. I just accept that it is big.

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