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Viki Boycott-Cancelled

UPDATE: Cancelled! I spoke with Viki & they said they weren’t blocking me, nor did they see the unblock button. They followed me & then I was able to follow them.
They are going to talk to twitter because I might have discovered a new bug! Lovely.
I know I’ve been giving netizens a run for their money, but I’m glad it is over. I don’t like being mad as I’m a very easy going person.
I’ve left my rant below so you can see how netizeny (is that a word) I was.

I’m boycotting Viki because they don’t know how to treat people with respect. How do I know they don’t know how to treat people with respect? Because they blocked one of their biggest fans.

That’s right. They blocked me on Twitter.

I found out last night when I went to Viki and saw that they had my favorite show: Running Man. “How did I not know this?” So I tweeted about my excitement (since deleted because I don’t feel like advertising for them). I noticed that their name didn’t come up automatically when I started typing. I wanted to see why, so I went to their profile and saw that I wasn’t following them. I thought “that’s weird,” but I had heard about a random unfollow bug, so I tried to refollow. I got this:


I was stunned. I couldn’t imagine would I could have done to deserve being treated like a spammer or a major cursing jerk (can’t think of a clearer, non-profane term, sorry). Even though I don’t use profanity or mean speech, I searched my tweet history, and nothing. Most of my tweets were along the lines of “watch Viki; their subs are better” and “Viki has great subbers.”

The most recent conversation I had involving them was I agreed with someone that the recent “10 watches and you must sign in” thing was annoying. I have a Viki account, but I thought they should have been upfront about it (“please” implies a choice), but I was respectful. And the others in that conversation weren’t blocked, so I still don’t know why they blocked me. Besides, blocking someone for politely disagreeing with you doesn’t make sense.

I can’t find any reason why I should have been blocked. I even researched to see if there is a random blocking bug, couldn’t find one.

I’ve recommended them so many times online and in real life. For crying out loud, the people at the Korean grocery store thought my name was “Viki,” I recommended it so much. I’m not recommending them anymore, quite the opposite.

As for the vikipass, while I was considering it, I’m not anymore.

I wonder how many other people this has happened to; If this was deliberate, I can’t be the only one. Are you blocked? Have you checked?

I’ve tweeted many times about this (giving the story in teeny increments), but no reply from VikiSupport, so I think I’m being ignored.

I’m boycotting Viki and not giving them one single click until I find out why this happened, and I’d like an apology. Since experience has taught me no one listens unless you add a hashtag, I’m using #VikiBoycott. So far, it is a boycott of 1.5 (Unnie rarely has internet).

This is what I want:
An explanation and/or an apology and Viki assuring me that they don’t make a habit of blocking fans for no reason. (Got all 3)

I’m angry and upset and frankly, a little hurt. You only block someone if they are a real dirt-bag. I’m not a dirt-bag.


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  1. Hi,
    My name is Mariko and I’m on the Community team at Viki. I want to assure you that we haven’t blocked you, at least not knowingly. And we definitely don’t block fans — we love our fans!

    We’re also looking into what’s happening here. We have contacted Twitter, who said that they see this bug also and are looking into it. I know that Victoria has contacted you via PM and she’ll continue to update you as we continue to hear back from them.

    I’m sorry about the anger and frustration that this has caused you. I hope that we can get this back up and running as soon as possible!

    Viki Community Team

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