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I love my Kdrama Tweeps

Note: I have no idea if Tweeps is a real word or not, but I’m going to use it.
Today, I asked my friends on Twitter if anyone knew where I could find the history of Goong that wasn’t subbed on any version I could find.  This chunk from the beginning of every episode & several minutes at the end of ep 10.

My curiosity was killing me and I had looked for several days, but neither part was capped or recapped.

Within an hour, Jules of had posted screencaps from her DVD Boxset for Ep 10.  She’s 대박!  She also suggested I share the screencap above & it was general consensus that there is nothing plot worthy about it.

This is just a taste of how people who don’t know each other and even live in different continents are still connected.

I never got the point of twitter before I got into kdrama & met all my friends.   I can’t imagine liking kdramas without my online friends to chat about it with. 😀


Comments on: "I love my Kdrama Tweeps" (3)

  1. YES JULES RAWKS! AND SO DO TWEEPS!!! *why yes, I do believe it’s a real word!* I do love my tweeps too.. k-spazzing wouldn’t be half as fun without ’em!! ❤

  2. I watched this show and I even have it on DVD….I wasn’t sure what you were talking about, but the picture did remind me. I never gave it much thought, good to know it was not connected to the plot. Did you happen to see Goong S (also called Palace S or Prince Hours) it had several names I am sure you know that. Anyway….I liked the original better. I just love Yoon Eun Hye. “Seven” was in the 2nd one… I liked him, I am interested in finding something he did after that. I know he sings, I have seen some videos. I love dramas and chatting about them. Hubby can hardly keep up or interested. I am watching MARRY HIM IF YOU DARE….Eun Hye again (she is wonderful) and Yong Hwa from my fav band CNBLUE. I like it so far, interesting time travel story.

    What I really meant to say was HI.

    • I got too frustrated with Goong S to finish. I think the archery contest was the last straw for me.
      I haven’t seen Marry him if you dare yet, but I’m sure I will cause YongHwa is in it.

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