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Sub Rating: Greatest Love

Greatest Love/Best Love is one of my favorite dramas. I watched it twice on Dramafever before I decided to do these sub ratings, so what’s a girl to do? I watched it again on Viki. 🙂
Edit: is a new site, so I’m going to be comparing it as well. … Well, that didn’t take long, they use the same subs as Hulu & CrunchyRoll.

Rating Process

Because I didn’t feel like watching the whole series on all available options (well, not at the moment – I’ll probably rewatch it again later), I did a spot check of a scene that could be written so many different ways.

This scene is near the beginning of Ep 6 – when JaeSuk drives to cover for DokkoJin/AeJung with the president. (approximately 12 mins in) JaeSuk asks the president would she would do if she found out that DokkoJin liked a (for lack of better word) D-list celebrity.

These are the sites I checked:

  • Dramafever
  • Hulu, CrunchyRoll & – they use the same subs from “MBCAmerica”
  • Viki


Dramafever used the DarkSmurf Fan subs for Greatest Love.

Here is the president’s response:

“I’d just send Dok Go overseas to do activities, and make it so that the other party wouldn’t ever be able to set foot in the entertainment industry again.”


Viki’s subs were their usual good quality.

Here is the president’s response:

“I would send Dokgo for overseas activities…And the other, I’d crush her so that she couldn’t even step into celebrity status again. ”

MBCAmerica (Hula\CrunchyRoll\

My least favorite of the 3 sites

Here is the president’s response:

“I’d send Doko abroad. And that tramp would never lunch in this town again”

Bonus (WithS2)

For kicks, I checked the WithS2 srts for the scene. I won’t be rating it tho. I just checked because WithS2 has a special place in my heart because it introduced me to terms like subs, raw, & srt. 🙂

Here is the president’s response:

“I’ll send Dok Go to work overseas.  And I’ll make sure the other party won’t be able to step into showbiz ever again.”

KaeKae’s Rating

  1. Dramafever/DarkSmurf – excellent and appears to be very accurate and to me 독고진 = Dokko Jin. It just looks like it sounds to me.
  2. Viki – always a good choice
  3. MBCAmerica (Hulu/CrunchyRoll) – really weak; and at least this scene seemed more paraphrased then translated.

Comments on: "Sub Rating: Greatest Love" (3)

  1. dewaanifordrama said:

    Awesomesauce! I still need to finish this drama, and now I know for sure where the best place to watch it is ^^~ Thanks for doing this!

  2. That was a hoot! And slightly disturbing

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