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I found this today. and I thought it was funny (def. shows how my mind works) This is from 2008 so some of it is outdated.

some little known and also who cares facts about me. (Ok my family will know most of these things, but again who cares)

  • I have never believed in Santa claus. But as a little kid, I wasn’t quite sure that he didn’t exist and I remember asking Dad to make the wood stove very hot on Christmas Eve – Just in Case. He was creepy.
  • I never dressed up for Halloween until I was an adult.
  • I wear skirts/dresses 95% of the time (in public -what i wear (or don’t wear) in the privacy of my home is my business.) I even bike in dresses – although, I sometimes wear leggings under to prevent blinding anyone.
  • I have a white and Orange bike with an automatic transmission that I rarely ride.
  • I have a blaze orange dress.
  • I never liked the color orange until I got said blaze orange dress. Now it’s a fav. color.
  • I think Audrey Hepburn has the best clothes; well her and Kes from Star Trek Voyager.
  • I have designed dresses since I was a kid – but not sewing means they don’t get made. and the fact I never could draw hampers things too.
  • I am extremely good with complicated programs and procedures in Office (and computers in general), but I didn’t know some of the most basic functions of Word. That F4 sure is handy. So is the ctrl-drag and drop. But I have written a program to create a proposal (minus pricing) just by filling out a form and clicking a few boxes, go Figure
  • I was forced to attend Dale Carnegie Training and was told “it’s not personal; it’s your personality.” If I recall, I had to go because people didn’t like me or something, I honestly can’t remember the exact reason why, nor do I care, but it makes a great story.
  • The only thing I learned in DCT was how to make a fool of yourself. i could do that without training. (Ok, I may have been able to learn something if I hadn’t had such a rotten attitude.)
  • I have been called intimidating and told that people are afraid of me because I was well-educated and intelligent. And that was after attending DCT. (sorry, if my being smart offends you – look up this word – “IDONTCARE” (didn’t feel like checking Roget’s for a real word)
  • My favorite word is defenestrate. It means to throw out a window. I have yet to be able to use it in real life.
  • My brothers and I used to practice tying each other up and freeing ourselves – to this day, I have a teeny tiny touch of Houdini.
  • I think Dentists are the creepiest people around 2nd to Santa and next is Dental Hygienists.
  • I have a healthy distrust of the medical profession as a whole.
  • I distrust doctors; I fear dentists.
  • I make Bento Lunches now some times.
  • I am trying to teach myself to cook because of my problem with Sodium and needing to lose weight. (Yeah that didn’t happen)
  • I met my best friend thru a mutual friend who we lost contact with at the end of that semester.
  • My best friend used to make me go on dates with her and her boyfriend – until I made her stop.
  • I know how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism and I know what it means.
  • I know that there are two words for Chicken in Portuguese, and one means dead chicken and the other means live chicken. I don’t what the words are tho. that is the extent of my Portuguese.
  • I was in Pensacola FL for 4 years and only went to the beach once.
  • My bathing suit covers more then the outfit I wore yesterday yard saling.
  • I bought my house based on how many books I could fit into it. the problem now is the bookcases.
  • I watch most all of my TV shows online.
  • I used to be painfully shy and would never talk to anyone. Now I don’t shut up – ever.
  • My life isn’t as completely an open book as my babbling would lead people to think.

Anyway,I thought this was funny, and it shows a little of how my brain works even now. Just without the Kdrama obsession


Comments on: "Little Known/Little cared about facts about me" (2)

  1. LOL! Loved this post! I used to be painfully shy too, as a child. Now when I tell people that, they look at me incredulously. The other day, while telling a friend that I really am an introvert at heart, he burst out laughing before I even finished my sentence. HAHA! 😉

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