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Sub Rating: Running Man

My new favorite Korean show is Running Man. It isn’t a kdrama – it is a variety show. It is just hilarious. With variety shows, the important part of subs is how the onscreen text is subbed because sometimes (alot of times) crucial bits of information are only text – not audio. I’ve used 3 different subbing sites/groups and here is my review.

Pro: Authorized site so I would assume that eventually someone in power will know that people outside Korea love/watch Running Man.
Also, fast subs for new eps.

Con: Only some onscreen text is subbed. Pain in the …neck to find the episode you want because Dramafever numbers eps completely wrong (they don’t have the 1st 2 years or so, so they start with 1). The air date & guests are listed is in the show description, but the new Dramafever UI (hate it) only allows the Dramafever ep number to be shown in the episode picker, so having the date is pointless. It took me at least 5 times to find ep. 118. I’ve suggested that they put the # in the description, but I don’t think they did it.

Pro: Excellent subs. Not only is onscreen text subbed, but it is formatted to match the Korean text. even the background music is identified. Available on DailyMotion, FaceBook and for download.

Con: Good subs & type setting takes time so it isn’t exactly a simulcast. Also, sometimes they overwrite the Korean text with the English text, so if you want to read the Korean you can’t, probably not a big deal. Unauthorized fan-subs so at any moment a meanie could issue a take down notice.


Pro: It is a knockoff of iSubs.

Con: It is a poor knockoff of iSubs. Not all the onscreen text is subbed, and the subs aren’t very good. And when I say it is a knock-off of iSubs, I’ve started watching a episode and thought that iSubs had an off day and then noticed the different logo. Complete plagiarism of iSubs’ typesetting style.


iSubs all the way. Best subs out there. If you have to watch a new ep right away, then use dramafever, but go back later and see what you missed.

If you don’t use the links from (sign up to get access), then google carefully for the ep you want. DailyMotion has a neat thing where you can see what playlists the video you are watching is in so you can watch all the parts one after the other. I’ve done that, and then seen what other playlists that person created. It works well for me.

Be careful on DailyMotion that you don’t get a K-showNow video accidentally. You’ll know in a few minutes. And don’t use unauthorized sites that make money off of iSubs.

Oh warning on DailyMotion, it has started putting ads in the middle of a video and not just between. I’ve had a problem with the picture not coming back afterwards, so I decided to watch on Firefox with a video ad blocker. I’ve no problems with watching ads between videos, but not in the middle where it causes the video to fail.


Comments on: "Sub Rating: Running Man" (7)

  1. I don’t know whether this link will work for you, but this site was recommended to me by friends who are Running Man fans. The episode number & even the guest artists are listed, and besides dailymotion, there’s also an option to watch on Facebook. I took a brief look and the subs look decent and they also translate the onscreen text. Check it out here:

  2. kfangurl:
    the site you’re mentioning doesn’t sub the show themselves. They are just compiling the video links of iSUBS and other team’s. Always check the logo on the video for the name of the subbing team.

    Like the blog owner, I recommend iSUBS all the way. Not just because the sub is excellent and the typesetting is beautiful, but also because iSUBS is a true fansubber while Kshownow is making money for profit. Kshownow is known to steal iSUBS’ works and embedding the video with adfly for their own profit.


    It’s interesting you mentioned DMCA and I did a little search.

    iSUBS never received DMCA for Running Man while Kshownow did.

    iSUBS received one DMCA but it’s because someone posted a link to a drama in their forum.

  3. I like I like their subs and they will tell us the song that’s playing!

  4. HEard of your blob from Crazy For Kdrama, I am enjoying it alot.

    Another con to Dramafever, is instead of Omma, Ajhumma, Ahjussi, Oppa, etc they say Mr, Mrs, or just the names. Before I discovered DF, and was using different sites like Viki, it was great to have these posted in the subs.

    Well i am off to read more of your blog.

  5. Kshownow is my favorite place to watch rm

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