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SPOILERS – This Rant/Review, whatever you want to call it, completely gives away the ending and the entire plot of My Princess.

Disclaimer: It is the middle of the night and I can’t sleep. Then this popped into my head, so who knows how it will turn out.

My Princess was the 2nd drama I watched, and the 1st I finished, so it has a special place in my kdrama loving heart. Or did – the Jury is now out – kinda.

The episodes themselves are good for the most part; I mean I love episode 15 (most of it) – it was super cute (kinda seemed like the happy ever after). The problem is the ending. It completely negates the previous 15 episodes.

Basic Plot: Lee Seol is the granddaughter of the last Korean emperor.  Park HaeYoung is the son of the DaeHan group chairman and a diplomat.  The Chairman of the DaeHan group wants to restart the Korean monarchy (ceremonial – no power) by having the public vote on it and giving his entire fortune to the public.

Thru various circumstances, trials, tribulations (if I’m giving away the ending at least part of the middle should be unspoiled),  Park HaeYoung and Lee Seol fall in love (surprise surprise), his inheritance is donated, and the monarchy is reinstated – ep 15.  (OK – technically they don’t reveal the vote until the beg of Ep 16, but close enough)

Ep. 16 it has been 2 years and Lee Seol is doing princessy stuff like trying to get tourists to come to Korea and sharing the news about how great Korea is to the world. HaeYoung is traveling the world as a diplomat. Still in love even though they don’t get to see each other. HaeYoung even buys a ring,

The President who is not only against the monarchy, but definitely against them marrying, tells HaeYoung that he is going to send him to Washington DC next, and he must go because this is a huge opportunity for his career or he could live his life as The Princess’s Man. So job or the woman you love. He chooses his job.

Various circumstances etc and Lee Seol ends up leaving Korea to go with him to the US!!!!!

If I were a Korean citizen in this fictional world, I would be so POed that the fallout would never stop.  Lee Seol violated the trust the people put in her when they voted to reinstate the monarchy. She throws it away for a man. And HaeYoung’s job, forget it – HaeYoung wouldn’t be able to act as a diplomat because of the scandal.

Now I am far from a feminist (e.g., I think stay at home mom sounds like a great job), but I won’t be walked on, and if some man thinks his Job is more important then his love for me and the trust my country has put in me, then please let the door hit you on the way out. This isn’t just between them – the whole country is literally affected.

15 eps were spent getting the people to vote for the monarchy, and she vows at one point that even if the monarchy isn’t reinstated she wants to spend her life serving her country. Until HaeYoung says let’s go to the US.  Uh – you are a diplomat you are supposed to represent the country’s interest not decide that you want the Princess to leave the country and stay by your side like a lichen (although, she is very lichen-ly).

Now, there are instances where in a Kdrama it was cute (and make sense) that the woman (and in a very few cases, the man) gave up her job (or opportunities)  for love, and it was romantic and even made sense.  This isn’t one of those times. In this case, HaeYoung should have manned up and said “I may be the Princess’s Man, but I’m still good at my job, and I can do it from here.”  Heck, even if he didn’t stay a Diplomat, surely there are others things he could do.

He was totally out of line for saying “I’m going to the US so come with me, or we’ll have to break up and never see each other.” Heck, they’ve been doing the long distance thing for 2 years.  Lee Seol was totally out of line by leaving, (although – lichen so not that surprising).  The writers were totally out of line for putting them in the situation and not seeing that her leaving with him was her rejecting the Korean monarchy and her role as a representative of Korea.

Here is the big thing. This could have easily been fixed even up to the last kiss, by her saying that she is going on official business or something as the Princess.  and THEN start the makeout session in the empty plane.  OK – not fixed, maybe put a tiny bandaid on the gaping wound.

It would have been one thing if she was a celebrity and gave that up for him – yeah, it would have been a huge scandal (Accidental Fool comes to mind), but that would be Ok.  But basically disbanding the monarchy that the people voted for isn’t Ok. Oh and using the people’s money to fly away is also a nice touch.

Oh and how happy is she going to be stuck inside the embassy or a US apartment all day. Now her English may have significantly improved, but she has no money, no job, no driver’s license, and as far as I know, no Visa so she has to come back within a certain period of time or be an illegal alien. (Unless she miraculously got a Visa that morning because he told her late the night before (that is another rant)).

See. Ths situation could have come up at the beginning of 16 and then they could have spent the episode coming up with a solution, but you know that would involve actual talking.

So would I recommend My Princess – kinda with a caveat. End with ep 15 and maybe the 1st few minutes of 16 so you know she is the Princess, and you can make your own happily ever after where they live together happily working for the public good.


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