used to be a Sewing Blog – Now KDrama

Hi – my Intro

I am trying to learn how to sew – or rather learn how to sew better (I know the mechanics – I am just not very good).   Some of my ideas are interesting and I thought maybe useful to other people.   To be honest, I am more handy with a computer (I’m a geek) then a needle, but I want to be able to sew well for several reasons.

One of which is my heritage:  My great-grandmother (I’ve never met her) used to sew uniforms for the army (I think – I know it was uniforms – not sure for what).  She never needed a pattern.  Apparently, she made my mother new clothes just by looking at her and then started cutting out the fabric.  My grandmother was a 4-H sewing instructor and used to make me dresses/skirts when I was a child.  They were quite pretty.  My mother can sew but isn’t as good as Grandma because Grandma was a perfectionist (like 1 of my sisters – who rips up any imperfect seams).  My mom isn’t a perfectionist, but she doesn’t have to be –  she makes costumes for church plays or  doll clothes for my nieces etc – it doesn’t need to be perfect since she doesn’t usually make clothes.

Another reason is: I love historical clothing and would love to have historical based clothing for me to wear to work or whatever.  I grew up drooling over the American Girl Catalog (or Pleasant Company) as it was known then.  And it has influenced my taste.   Well, somewhat the not wearing pants bit and the headcovering for church bit (both can be handled in separate post sometime in the future) are all me.  So I would love to make my own clothes that reflect my taste.  Now I shop primarily at thrift stores because I don’t care for the same old same old, and I would rather spend my money on books and computers stuff.  Anyway, I think it would be very fun to have historical based clothing adapted for the modern life with extra bright colors.  What can I say my favorite color is the rainbow.

A third reason (which will be the last I post here but not really the last), I am cheap, at least when it comes to clothes.  I would love to find something I love in the thrift stores except it’s too long or too short or too low cut or too something and make it just right.

Anyway, I am going to post my past attempts at sewing here and future attempts. I will probably throw in other crafty type stuff – I like to dye clothes to make them unique and I have made Chrismons.  Or I might post non-crafy stuff too.  Who knows.


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